iPhone Locked To Cingular, But “Bad Guys” Might Unlock It

iPhones will be sold locked to Cingular, but it’s possible “bad guys” will unlock them, says

    “While “there are bad guys out there that unlock phones,” Lurie said, Apple and Cingular are taking unspecified steps to make the phone more difficult to unlock and use on other GSM carriers in the US.”

    …That bending included allowing the phone to be locked to Cingular, just one of several restrictions on the new iPhone. Press reports today said the phone will not accept third-party applications, though Apple may allow third parties to program mini-application “widgets.”

    “If you want an iPhone, you are going to get the luxury of being on the Cingular network,” Lurie said.

    While the Cingular logo will not appear on the body of the iPhone, the word “Cingular” will appear on the screen at all times.”

Golly jenkins, when will Apple develop a DRM brain for us to buy? Though it will be capable of only one thought, that thought will be extremely well-designed. — BEN POPKEN

Cingular: We Made Apple Bend [PC World] (Thanks to Tim!)

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