Escape Your Cellphone Contract With Cellswapper

Cellswapper is a new service launched today that lets you trade or sell your cellphone and contract, with no early termination fees.

It’s like celltradeusa, except it’s free to post. If your phone does get sold, you pay a $14.95 fee. Celltrade is free to post but you have to pay if you want to respond to inquiries, regardless of whether the phone gets sold.

A quick look shows only 82 plans and phones listed so far, so guess we’ll have to popularize Cellswapper enough for it to become useful.

If you’re looking to get out of your cellphone so you can jump over to Cingular’s junktruck network and get an iPhone, Cellswapper could be for you. — BEN POPKEN

CellSwapper [Official Site]


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  1. GCRaya says:

    Ya but do you get to keep your number?

  2. gregrmay says:

    Wow, this new site doesn’t work very well. In Firefox, you can’t actually submit a contact to swap. In IE 7, you can barely make it through, but good luck figuring out how to add your phone if you don’t have one of the small number they have in their system.

    Also, when you finish adding the details of your plan, it takes you to a “checkout” screen- very strange. But don’t worry, you don’t enter any payment information, and aren’t charged a cent as long as you’ve chosen the free posting option.

  3. popularizecater to popular taste to make popular and present to the general public

  4. Ben Popken says:

    American Heritage Dictionary pop·u·lar·ize (pŏp’yÉ™-lÉ™-rÄ«z’) Pronunciation Key
    tr.v. pop·u·lar·ized, pop·u·lar·iz·ing, pop·u·lar·iz·es

    1. To make popular: A famous dancer popularized the new hairstyle.
    2. To present in a widely understandable or acceptable form: popularize technical material for a general audience.

  5. gadgetchic says:

    am I only person who doesnt have a problem with cingular?

  6. ultramalcolm says:

    This site it kinda hosed. I blame some clumsy AJAXing, but I’m not sure. I still have been unsuccessful adding my phone’s model, and therefore getting my listing posted. Am getting tons of script errors, in both IE and FF.

  7. someToast says:


    I went back to Cingular after my Verizon contract came up last month. The only reason I was on Verizon (switching from Cingular) was that they were the only ones offering a shared corporate minutes plan at the time.

  8. drewheyman says:

    no you are not. cingular predicts 70+ million or so subscribers at the end of the 2007, up from 46m after the merger in 2004.

    sprint lost 300k the last quarter.

  9. bigwuphan says:

    Cellswap sounds good, but my phone was too pricey to just “give away with the plan.” If I opt for ebay instead (selling both the phone and the plan), how do I handle the official T-Mobile transfer of plan with the company and with the person who buys it from me?

  10. You’re such a copycat Ben. For some reason though, the word popularize really stood out in that article.

    I would love to popularize cellswap if I had any respect for the cell phone industry.

    How did the world even manage to get through each day without cell phones?? Glad we dont live in the dark ages anymore. (/sarc)

  11. Beckie says:

    Cingular sucks, if you want out of your contract with them just make sure you make as many off network calls as you can, that way they will cancell on you like they did on me.

  12. JimmyChoo says:

    Cellswapper sucks. The business model sounds good in theory, but in reality it doesn’t work. First of all, Cellswapper makes you throw down a $19 transfer fee in order to initialize a transfer with the buyer. The caveat is, the buyer is unaware that in order to proceed with the transfer, they have to sign a one-year contract in addition to paying for the remaining months on the seller’s old contract. By the time the buyer backs out of the transfer, Cellswapper has already pocketed your $19 and you’re stuck with a crappy contract minus $19.

  13. single says:

    Sprint Sucks, Sprint Sucks, Sprint Sucks.

    Sprint has idenitied my account as one that may be reciving a Nationwide Volume Pricing (NVP) discount on my Total Equipment Protection or Equipment Service & Repair Program. The Total Equipment Protection and Equipment Service & Repair Programs, however, are not eligible for the NVP discount. They will nickle and dime you to death. My contract is not up until Dec 12,2008.