United Still Wants To Screw Parents Bilked For $3000

Mahesh’s complaint against United bilking his parents for $3000 moves two steps forward, one step back. A United rep called him back:

After more questioning, she asked me if I had paid a fee for changing the tickets, and I told her that I had not, and that I would have gladly paid a fee if they had requested. Then she mentioned to me that the tickets my parents had purchased could only be changed on medical grounds for 3 months and that my parents tickets were extended one month beyond that.

It is true that Mahesh’s parents changed their tickets on medical grounds. Never during any of the transactions did United mention the 3 month change limit. Instead, they went ahead and changed the tickets and said the tickets were completely confirmed. It’s not the parents fault United didn’t follow their own policy.

Mahesh, call her back and tell her that. You’re almost there, keep pushing. United is just looking for a way to avoid paying the $3000 they owe. — BEN POPKEN

United Agrees To Right $3000 Wrong
United Airlines Flub Costs Parents $3000, Refunds Only $600


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  1. Magister says:

    Just remember, even though the original article refers to a $600 refund, that was not the case. That was a misunderstanding on the part of the headline writer. They were offered 2 $300 flight voichers, that is NOT a refund. And it was not even presented as such by the airline. Just clarifing.

  2. Just wanted to Let Mahesh know that we’re all pulling for him.

    Keep it up!

    Also just wanted to let United know that my family will be flying ANA or JAL, NOT United, to Osaka this year…and for the foreseeable future. You can take your miles that you’ve twice tried to bilk us out of and shove them up your collective anus.

  3. EditorPerson says:

    Where do you get these photos that you post with every entry? Some of them (like this one in particular) are really good!

  4. DutchFlat says:

    United should just decalre bankruptcy and roll over and die. It’s the worst airline in the world. I mean, Bulgarian National Airways I’m sure does a better job. Ten-to-One United’s own exec’s fly American or Southwest… or Bulgarian. Congress should pass a law against flying United Airlines. If 911 had forced United Airlines out of business, then we probably wouldn’t have invaded Afghanistan. The benefit of being rid of United Airlines would have overridden the negatives of 911. Yes, I HATE United Airlines.

  5. Coder4Life says:

    I dont understand major corporations. They will fight for days and months to not refund $3000. How much money has the company lost in payroll and time wasted. Passing those costs to customers / inconveniences to customers as well.

    I remember couple months back Nextel over charged me $25 on my phone bill. I spent atleast 4 hours and after yelling for almost 2 months, I got a refund because I found someone that had a high school diploma and could read. I probably wasted well over $25 of their payroll.


  6. msoori says:

    Thank you everyone for all your help and support. This is so draining, but all the kindness and the supportive comments and help I have had from people I have never met, makes it all worth while. I’ll keep on truckin, thanks to you!