United Still Wants To Screw Parents Bilked For $3000

Mahesh’s complaint against United bilking his parents for $3000 moves two steps forward, one step back. A United rep called him back:

After more questioning, she asked me if I had paid a fee for changing the tickets, and I told her that I had not, and that I would have gladly paid a fee if they had requested. Then she mentioned to me that the tickets my parents had purchased could only be changed on medical grounds for 3 months and that my parents tickets were extended one month beyond that.

It is true that Mahesh’s parents changed their tickets on medical grounds. Never during any of the transactions did United mention the 3 month change limit. Instead, they went ahead and changed the tickets and said the tickets were completely confirmed. It’s not the parents fault United didn’t follow their own policy.

Mahesh, call her back and tell her that. You’re almost there, keep pushing. United is just looking for a way to avoid paying the $3000 they owe. — BEN POPKEN

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