Sword Swallowing Car Salesman

Sure, it’s awesome, but does it make you want to buy a Honda?

    Meyer, a salesman at Honda of Decatur, has turned what he calls a “sideshow” into a regular occurrence at the dealership.

    Every time he sells a vehicle, he swallows a sword for the customer.

    “It’s pretty impressive,” Manager Kevin Allison said. “The first time he told me about it, I thought it was a trick. But it’s real. I’ve seen him do it several times.”


Down the hatch [Decatur Daily via Table of Malcontents]


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  1. It’s like the banging of the gong on King of Cars (A&E show about Towbin Dodge in Vegas), it’s not that cool by itself but people come in just to see it happen (strangely enough).

  2. timmus says:

    Now I see what David Spade is doing these days.

  3. Dan_Meyer says:

    Thanks for publishing the article! I hope your readers will enjoy it!

    All the best,

    Dan Meyer
    Executive Director
    Sword Swallowers Association Int’l

  4. IsenMike says:

    I think that would add a pretty cool atmosphere to the place. Think about it, you’re at the dealership, talking to one of the salesmen, everyone’s all suit-and-tie, formal, and businesslike. Out of the corner of your eye you notice one of the other salesmen go to an office and come back with a big freaking sword in his hands. As soon as you start to think, “that’s weird,” he proceeds to heft the thing into the air and shove it down his throat. None of the other salesmen seem to think this is odd.

    That’s just sort of surreal.

  5. Skeptic says:

    I’m sure this is very impressive to customers–especially if they are gay men.

    But the real question is can you sell more cars this way than you can by being the juggling car salesman or the yo-yo champion car salesman?

  6. Hoss says:

    I’m wondering if the dealership had this guy sign some sort of waiver of liability — I would not be shocked if they did not

  7. Magister says:

    Zero chance that would encourage me to buy a car from this guy, heck, I might even assume the guy will work less on the price because he is ‘earning’ his cut and spliff off me.

  8. LeopardSeal says:

    As someone in the car sales industry, I see alot of stupid gimmicks. However, this offically takes the cake as the stupidist gimmick I have ever seen. Congratulations!

  9. John says:

    Um, would I be in trouble if I said, yes, I would buy a car from a sword swallowing carsalesWOMAN? I just might do that, I say.