Raincoat Purchased

After pawing through the many helpful reader suggestions (thank you!), we decided to purchase the BlackCoat AirGo ($129) by Koyono.

We settled on the AirGo because first, it’s highly waterproof and breathable. Reader Michael, who recommended the coat, bought it for a trip to Singapore where, “one can expect 1) a daily deluge and 2) heat like the bloody blue blazes.”

Since we’re not doing any hiking, we eschewed some reader’s more outdoorsy looking solutions in favor of AirGo’s urban minimalism. The day for night versatility of the 3/4 cut attracts as well. Eight form-fitting pockets means we can carry a lot of crap without looking lumpy.

Shopping at Koyono’s site was ok, except it got hung up on firefox and thought we had nothing in our cart. It worked fine after we opened the page in IE tab. Ground shipping was free.

With temps as warm as they are this season, the AirGo could end up becoming our de facto winter coat. — BEN POPKEN

BlackCoat AirGo [Koyono]


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  1. ducksauce says:

    More maddening first person plural. Also, you (pl) forgot the apostrophe in “we’re”.

    But picturing a large group of people cramming into a single coat is a funny image, at least.

  2. Coronagold says:

    ….are you gonna wear the collar up like the pic says you’re supposed to?

    Robert Barone – “Ya gotta get out more, mah brothah.”

  3. acambras says:

    VERY nice. When do we get to see a picture of Ben modeling our new coat?

  4. MDT says:

    Hey! Hope you like it! I’ve been very pleased with mine so far. The Koyono site is a little…prissy…but my experience with their product has been a good one so far.

  5. Ben Popken says:

    acambras – Sometime after the coat arrives, we should think.

    Corona – If the wind picks up or we need to keep our neck warm and our scarf is nowhere to be found, we may indeed pop our collar.

  6. consumerhelp says:

    Does anyone want to know about my horrible experience with Koyono attempting to get a refund?