Reduce Your Rent By Installing Cardboard Prostitutes

We love cardboard, hookers, and low rent, so we flipped tits over toes for this DIY lifehack: reduce rents in your neighborhood by installing a bunch of cardboard cutouts of prostitutes. — BEN POPKEN

[Fake Prostitutes – Cut Out Signs To Make a Statement [Trendhunter via Adrants]


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  1. pdenton says:

    Excellent idea. I mean, the nerve of owners, having the greed to pass along rising costs and property values to renters. It’s not as though landlords are human beings, with possessions they legally own and value accordingly, right?

  2. That’s kind of funny. Where are the male hustlers?

  3. acambras says:

    That is hilarious. For my bday I’m going to ask for a giftcard for the Cardboard Ho Store.

  4. Nygdan says:

    If you can’t pay high rent, you shouldn’t live in a nice neighborhood that doesn’t have prostitutes.

    These kids were bringing down their rent by screwing with the property values of the entire area.

    What if some company wanted to buy out a building, and shipping in actual hookers and criminals to the area, to scare people aware and drive down the price?

    I can understand doing it to get attention to exxagerated renting prices, but as an actual solution? Heck no.

  5. nweaver says:

    ALso, watch it, you might drive prices down enough that you get real whores moving in. Unless thats what you wanted…

  6. Jesse in Japan says:

    Why stop at whores? Why not have cut-outs of drug dealers surrounded by little baggies full of flour? And you can set up a stereo that intermittently plays the sound of gunshots (might want to check up on noise pollution ordinances first). And then you can put up some biohazard and nuclear radiation warning signs.