10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Surgery

Healthbolt’s got a good list of 10 questions you should ask before undergoing surgical procedure.

Surgeons in American operate under the principle of informed consent. Many times this is treated as a formality by both doctor and patient, but it’s absolutely crucial to our health care system, and taking it for granted can have some nasty results for both parties…here’s what you ought to know and be satisfied with, before the knives and funny-gas come out.

1. What are the indications that have led your doctor to the opinion that an operation is necessary?
2. What, if any, alternative treatments are available for your condition?
3. What will be the likely result if you don’t have the operation?
4. What are the basic procedures involved in the operation?
5. What are the risks?
6. How is the operation expected to improve your health or quality of life?
7. Is hospitalization necessary and, if so, how long can you expect to be hospitalized?
8. What can you expect during your recovery period?
9. When can you expect to resume normal activities?
10. Are there likely to be residual effects from the operation?

Healthbolt has also created a printable pdf if you want to stuff this in your wallet on the way to the hospital. — BEN POPKEN

The 10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor Before Surgery [Healthbolt]