Kellogg’s Cereal City Shuts Down

Image courtesy of Friend of Consumerist: "Kellogg had a museum?"

Consumerist: “Kellogg’s Cereal USA museum closed down.”
Friend of Consumerist: “Kellogg had a museum?”

From the Google cache of Cereal City’s website: “How tall is Tony

? Who says, “Follow your nose, wherever it goes”

? Just hold on, you’ll learn these things and more when visiting Kellogg’s Cereal City USA

, the perfect place for anyone who has ever heard of cereal!”

Yes, shockingly, the museum is no more, and taxpayers are likely to get stuck with an $875,000 bill. So long, Cereal City, USA. We hardly knew you.

Who gets Cereal City’s bill? [Battle Creek Enquirer]

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