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  1. Smoking Pope says:

    Well, be careful how you put the black bars on there too. I think it was a report on an MLB player possessing human growth hormone that was un-redacted because the file format still had the original data embedded.

    Black-barring it and then saving as a JPEG/GIF should work fine though.

  2. timmus says:

    You know, maybe what we need is for the BANKS NOT TO MAKE IT SO DAMN EASY TO USE AN ABA AND ROUTING NUMBER TO COMMIT FRAUD. How about about less window-dressing security and more actual safeguards??

    (add Lewis Black head explosion)

  3. Karl says:

    And for that matter, cover up all POSTNET barcodes! They’re the ones printed by your address on letters, bills, envelopes, etc. In many cases, those barcodes identify individual delivery points, and with free public records available online, your identity can be discovered.

  4. Jesse in Japan says:

    What affect will this development have on censored pornography?

  5. After you paste the black bars over the sensitive information (if using photoshop), make sure you change the file name on the final save. Without changing the file name, the undo changes list is stored with the file and one could potentially restore the original image. If anybody needs a reference, drop a note and I can look it up.

  6. SmoovyG says:

    I would have thought that the internet learned this lesson a few year’s back when Cat Schwartz posted some photos of herself that some enterprising geek proceeded to un-censor and share with the world.

    NSFW link explaining the process –

  7. brokenboy says:

    PDF’s are the files that have been “broken” many times before because a black box over the text doesn’t delete the text- it’s just a black box on top of it. Just select the text and paste it somewhere else.

  8. Helvetian says:

    Alternatively if I were doing so, I would black bar the info. View the image in Windows Picture Viewer, then take a screenshot of the image, crop that down to size and voila! 100% secured, no way someone could edit the file and obtain the info.

    Karl, excellent point. Always block those too.