Comcast: Your DVR Can Now Make Sweet, Tender Love to TiVo

Business Week is reporting that Comcast DVR owners can, for a fee, incorporate TiVo features into their existing DVRs without a visit from a “technician”. Oh, sweet mystery of technology. They didn’t say how much it will cost, but hey… Do you want it or not? —MEGHANN MARCO

Comcast, TiVo unveil DVR collaboration [BusinessWeek via Gizmodo]


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  1. isadora says:

    Ooh, my deep hatred of Comcast is being offset by my irrational love of TiVo. Complicated.

    If they offer TiVo software on their crappy DVR with all the HD capabilities, I may have to make some changes to my setup. Exciting.

  2. infinitysnake says:

    Extra charge? Humbug. I’ve had comcast for less than a year, and I’m pretty much fed up already. Their current DVR is an abortion- I’m on my SIXTH one because eventually, they all misfunction. The rewind/forward settings are completely spastic, it randomly drops programs, records ten identical versions of a show in one day- and that’s when it works. When the dvr gets indigestion, it randomly records Chinese television, changes settings, drops programs, loses sound, refuses to respond to the remote, or picks one random channel to stay on.

    I signed up under a phone-internet-cable for $100 deal, and when AT&T offered the same for $65, I called to re-negotiate- and found out that I was only given the ‘deal’ for a month. (I wasn’t aware because I had extra services, had the damn thing on autopay, and was too lazy to look at the itemized bill) So now, the ‘best offer’ I can get is the SAME offer I was supposed to get but didn’t.

    So, does anyone here have DN, and is their DVR any good?

  3. formergr says:

    Not Dish Network, but I have DirecTV with the combo tuner/Tivo unit that I pay $5/month for. I’ve heard it’s not *quite* as awesome as a Tivo Series 3 standalone is (I can’t do TivoToGo for example), but it’s still *way* better than my friends’ Comcast DVRs.

    If you choose, it’ll suggest and autorecord programs it thinks you’ll like based on your past viewing and thumbs up/down rating of shows you are watching. The Season Pass is awesome and worth the whole thing just for that, and finally if you look up some simple remote codes online, you can have a 30-second skip button handy for ff-ing through commercials.

  4. infinitysnake says:

    Yeah, I had DTV for awhile and did like the service. TGhey cheesed me off in the end with bad service, so I’m reluctant to return to them just yet. (Besides which, the super-cheap deal is dish)

  5. chemman says:

    formergr-unfortunately, the new DirecTV DVR is no longer a Tivo based unit. I have a stand alone Tivo and love it, I waited for the Series 3 to come out, only to realize I won’t pay $1000 for HD Tivo capabilities ($800 for the box and $199 to transfer my lifetime service), so I broke down and got the new DirecTV dual tuner HD DVR and I can’t stand it. The software interface is nowhere near as smooth and easy to use and I’ve had tons of problems with recording correctly and the picture quality is just awful. Everytime I’ve complained I was told a new update is coming out to fix all the issues I’ve complained about but the never really seem to get fixed. I wish I would have just spent the money for the Tivo unit and kept my cable, the HD picture was so much better with cable (DirecTV just claims my TV isn’t set up properly and that’s why my picture isn’t as clean as when I had cable, they always have an excuse for everythiing)

  6. formergr says:

    Oh Dish is definitely cheaper and I was sorely tempted for a while, but I loves me some BBCAmerica…

  7. isadora says:

    This is why I’m in a pickle! I have HDTV. I have regular old TiVo and regular old cable (not even digital). My friends have the Comcast digital with DVR and I stayed with them for a few weeks while making a major move and I couldn’t believe how poor the Comcast DVR was!

    I should have purchased the TiVo dish while it was available but now I can’t get Dish with TiVo and I can’t see the point of upgrading my cable to HD if I’d have to use Comcast’s DVR! So this news is good for me (minus the fact that Comcast has to be involved at all).

    Of course, I’d call Comcast customer service and ask them what’s available but I’m 90% certain they wouldn’t know or they’d lie about the availability. I just hate Comcast.

  8. juri squared says:

    We just dumped DirecTV after five years of it and TiVo, because it was too damned expensive. Since we have Comcast cable internet, we already have basic cable. So now we use that and a standalone TiVo. Unfortunately, the change cost us our lifetime subscription – apparently they can’t transfer it from an old DirecTiVo. Boo.

    Even still, the switch is saving us $30/month, at the cost of the Sci-Fi and National Geographic channels.

  9. billhelm says:

    I’m a current user of the Comcast DVR. It’s functional, but a few of my friends swear by Tivo. I investigated getting a Tivo Series III last week. It’s cost prohibitive for me at this point (box is nearly 800 bucks alone). The series I and II boxes don’t have the same recording functionality (digital, premium channels) that my comcast box can do.

    The monthly Tivo charges are 19.95 with a one year contract, 14.95 with a 2 year or 12.95 with a three year. Comcast currently charges 9.95 for my DVR. It seems that as little as 3 and as much as 10 bucks a month more for the Tivo Software equivalent would be a price they’d pursue.

    I’d personally pay it if it was closer to the 3 dollar mark… not so much if it’s 10.

    But you don’t have to pay upfront for the box either… which is nothing to sneeze at. Not to mention, if you want duel tuner cable cards, that’s gonna set you back a few bucks every month as well (I believe comcast gives one free and the others are 1.95 each, at least in my area).

    I think the biggest grip of anybody who uses these comcast boxes is that the software sucks, so this would go a long way towards that.