Skin Care: All You Need Is Soap and Sunscreen

Unless you have prescription skin care needs, all you really need is cleaner and sunscreen says, Dr. Cook-Bolden, a dermatologist who is part of a back-to-basics movement. From The New York Times:

“Just two products, a gentle cleanser and a good sunscreen, are enough daily skin care for most people, and you can buy those at a drugstore or a grocery store.”

Are these Docs nuts?

“They are prescribing simplified skin-care routines requiring at most three steps: soap; sunscreen every day, no matter the weather or the season; and, if necessary, a product tailored to specific skin needs, whether a cream for pimples or pigmented spots, or a vitamin-enriched moisturizer for aging skin. Each product, they say, can be bought at drugstores for $30 or less.”

You heard it, folks. Stop wasting your money on a bunch of crap. —MEGHANN MARCO

The Cosmetics Restriction Diet [New York Times]

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