Most Car Seats Fail “Disastrously” In Crash Tests

Consumer Reports has tested several models of children’s car seats and most “failed disastrously” in side-impact tests at 38 mph, and front-impact tests of 35 mph. “The car seats twisted violently or flew off their bases, in one case hurling a test dummy 30 feet across the lab.” Um, whoops.

Two models (of 12) did well in the tests, “the Baby Trend Flex-Loc and the Graco SnugRide with EPS.”

European models are tested more thoroughly than US models, “Infant car seats sold in Europe undergo more rigorous testing than do models sold in the U.S. Indeed, when we crash-tested an infant seat we bought in England, it was the best in our tests. An infant seat sold in the U.S. by the same manufacturer failed.”

This is really out of control. If there are going to be laws that require you to strap your kids into one of these things, they’d better work. —MEGHANN MARCO

Safety alert: What if this were your child?
[Consumer Reports]

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