Help Ben Find A Raincoat

It’s raining. We need to buy a raincoat. We did some cursory looking through Amazon and Shopzilla and found nothing. Here are our specs:

• Light-weight
• Does not look like a bag
• Size: Men’s Large
• $20 < Cost < $200
• Durable
• Comfortable
• Hooded
• Looks cool, not stupid
• Epaulets are cool, all-over prints are cool, bright colors are cool. Black is also cool.




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  1. Mike_ says:
  2. acambras says:

    LL Bean? At least that way you’d know that if you ordered it, got it, and didn’t like it, they’d definitely do right by you.

  3. $200 raincoat?! I have got to get a job working for Gawker media.

  4. Ben Popken says:

    Those Lands’ End AquaChecks look decent.

  5. Firemedic510 says:

    I have the Outback duster. It achieves a high cool factor, and you aren’t London Fog like everyone else. You stay nice and warm and dry.

  6. Nifle says:

    The nautical map will be quite handy for when you get lost at sea!

  7. Ben Popken says:

    Duster looks decent. Maybe in red.

  8. Mike_ says:

    Yeah, that’s probably the one I’d order. I don’t have a raincoat, but my last 2 jackets came from Lands’ End, and they’re both decent.

  9. bravo says:

    Isn’t this an abuse of your “power?” Now we’re supposed to shop for clothes for you?

  10. Best raincoat I’ve ever owned was / is an army surplus store trench coat. Olive drab, removable lining, waterproof, classic style. Cost me $40.

  11. ichalif says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Sierra Trading Post. Nice stuff and reasonable prices, but colors and sizes are not always available.

    They have a nice selection of waterproof shells here:

  12. If you want an actual rain COAT, not a rain jacket windbreaker thing, get a London Fog on sale. Most don’t have a hood, but it’ll last forever, it’s endlessly classic, and it’ll take you everywhere.

    You could even get the London Fog with the zip-in/zip-out lining, so that when it’s freezing cold and raining (as happens to those of us north of the Mason-Dixon) you can zip in the heavy lining but not have it the rest of the time and be light-weight as required.

    Then get a hat or an umbrella with what you save by buying on sale. :)

  13. GenXCub says:

    Bravo, I’d rather see the request come this way rather than have it look like some fake article like “who has the best raincoat?” Next week, we get to pick Ben’s undies!

  14. Nifle says:

    I don’t think it’s an abuse of power on a site where consumers opinions are sought to find out who makes a good raincoat. This way he’s protected from the elements and from getting a coat that piece of crap and falls apart.

  15. Kornkob says:

    At the very least he shoudl write an aritlce abotu the shopping experience. :)

  16. Drinker Nisti says:

    check out the Marmot brand. I love mine (bought at REI) & it’s held up well…

  17. nweaver says:

    Features first: Make sure it is a breathable & waterproof (eg, Gore-Tex or other similar fabric). Otherwise, no matter how cool you look in it, it will suck.

  18. Avacasso says:

    If your purpose is outdoor activity, I recommend checking out the outside online gear guide. I have never been disappointed with any recommendations.

    personally, I have thinking about getting a outdoor research logic softshell.

  19. adamondi says:

    I am a huge fan of Columbia coats. They make more than just ski parkas, after all. I had a great rain coat made by them for years, until I stupidly lost it. I still can’t find a rain coat I like as much as that lost one.

  20. Ben Popken says:

    Breathable and waterproof, yes. Outdoor activities are unlikely. I just need something to protect me from the subway to the bar, or if I have to go somewhere in the rain on my bike. Oh that’s the other thing, I probably wouldn’t go for a trench because I wouldn’t want it getting snagged in my bike tires.

  21. Burberry is a classic but a bit overdone in NYC. I have one from Kenneth Cole that I think I paid like $75 for on sale.

    If I were looknig for one I’d probably hit Bloomingdales.

  22. Funklord says:

    Ben would also like readers to cook dinner for him, mop his apartment, and wipe his rear end after visits to the lavatory. Volunteers should contact him at damni’

  23. konstantConsumer says:

    the north face mountain light jacket is $299. i know they are WAY trendy, but they really are awesome, good looking jackets.

  24. pestie says:

    I’m with Firemedic510. I have an Outback duster that I’ve had for years. It kicks several kinds of ass. And you could get hit with a fire hose wearing that thing and not get wet.

  25. Ben Popken says:

    Michael writes:

    “For a light weight raincoat, I can recommend the AirGo by Koyono.
    You won’t look like you’re going camping and it’s a nice looking, light
    weight, ultra-portable coat that can go from day to night pretty easily.

    Koyono is better known for making all sorts of iPod integrated clothes,
    but the AirGos a pretty great item in its own right. I bought tone for a
    trip to Singapore, where one can expect 1) a daily deluge and 2) heat
    like the bloody blue blazes.

    The look is slick and you’ve got several color choices. The coat has a
    a super thin waterpoof shell and a mesh lining which cuts down on heat.

    They’ve got a couple of other similar coats with slightly different features
    and lengths – in case you wanted a full fabric liner instead. I think their
    idea is to replace the AirGo with their new Minimal, so that one might
    be worth a look too.

    I bought my AirGo on sale for under $80 bucks, but it looks like the pricing
    is somewhat higher at the moment. The Minimal is running $99.

    Fit and finish on these is pretty good, if not exquisite. And they are made
    in the U.S. of A., which some folks find appealing.”

  26. I love the retro-geekiness of my yellow rubber rain slicker.

  27. max andrews says:

    I second getting a breathable material.

    Both London Fog and LL Bean are great, also stop by the eastern mountain sports downtown on broadway just below houston. The have lots of coats and gloves, also pick up the nice black umbrella by the cash register upstairs. I’ve got two, best umbrella’s ever.

  28. shufflin_milby says:

    Good God, go Beans. LL Bean will treat you right.

  29. Phil says:

    I’m not sure how big of a sports fan you are, but I’m fond of the Reebok Storm Midweight Jacket, available from Here’s one branded for the Bengals, but you can pick your team of choice.

  30. Possibly still too long for biking (maybe you want waist length rather than thigh-length), but what about:

    if you’re looking for a more professional look. (My husband loves his Kenneth Cole raincoat.)

  31. yggdrasil says:

    i second marmot. i have the marmot oracle from rei and i loves it. i loves it, i says. my precious rain jacket. it’s kinda sad how excited i get about a rain jacket, but there you go.

    currently on sale at REI – was 150, now 110ish

  32. JT says:

    I’ve never found any rain gear thats beats rain gear designed for motorcycling. Motorcycle rain gear has to withstand rain and road spray at 55 mph. To do this, design features that make rain gear suitable for motorcycling include:

    • strong double stitched seams
    • elastic/adjustable waist and sleeves
    • water proof pockets
    • zippers with large inner and outer flaps
    • high collar
    • adjustments to keep the garment from flapping in the wind

    some of the higher end jackets are even breathable and have concealed ventilation. The one I found the picture for is $65.00 … and That dude looks like Doug McKenzie, so I had to share the photo.

  33. JT says:

  34. Ben Popken says:

    David writes:

    “I can’t post comments, so I thought I’d respond to your post via email. You should definitely look into Marmot’s rain jackets, specifically the PreCip ($99) or Oracle ($149). I own the latter, and it’s pretty much the best rain jacket ever. Either jacket meets all your requirements and both are award winners to boot. What I like most about my jacket though is the damn thing breathes – too often rain jackets leave you extremely gross feeling after being exposed to rain because of the microclimate that’s created between your body and the jacket. Well Ben, you get none of that with these jackets because the fabric works so well: rain stays out, sweat isn’t trapped. You could get sprayed with a hose while wearing this and still be perfectly dry and comfortable. Happy hunting! ‘

  35. Ben Popken says:

    Tycho, FYI, Gawker’s comment system doesn’t allow image embedding.

  36. markdemeny says:

    I live in Vancouver and have a Marmot jacket. Stylish, no – but awesome rain protection in the rainiest place on Earth, yes!*

    It’s lightweight, double-stitched seams, warm padding for the zipper, has arm vents, has a hood that rolls up and a few other niceties.

    I don’t use umbrellas and I walk to work at least 30 mins each way every day rain or shine. Not a drop of water has ever penetrated this thing.

    * Vancouver may not actually be the rainiest place on Earth, it just feels like it right now.

  37. MikeT says:

    I love my Marmot, which I got on sale from I’ve worn it everywhere, including a 2 week trip to Japan, and it’s stood up to abuse and always kept me comfortable.

    I can’t say enough good things about Campmor. It’s good gear at great prices. The only issue is that they’re a clearance house, so you can’t count on them having the same stuff today that they had six weeks ago.

  38. Muzz says:

    Timberland makes a few jackets, including this one:

    It’s not just water-resistant, it’s completely waterproof.

  39. CPTmidnight says:

    I live in Seattle (we’ve been known to get a little rain up here) so I feel my credentials are valid. Check out Helly Hanson for style and Eddie Bauer for durable style and better hoods. Helly Hanson hoods don’t cover your face as well, but Eddie Bauer ones give you a nice little awning. Plus, most of them zip off if you don’t need them at the time.

  40. cuyahoga says:

    Like some of the others I can’t say enough about my Marmot jacket. I have had the Precip jacket for over 3 years and it still holds up great even in the Seattle rain. It’s also quite packable if it doesn’t end up raining and you want to stick it in your bag.

  41. NeoteriX says:

    Honestly, if style is not a requirement, I would say the ‘best’ raincoat to get is any one you can find (meeting the criteria) at Marshalls, Filene’s Basement, Ross, or whatever discount place you can find. There’s really no need to waste money (and the shipping hassle) on a particular thing when there’s so much out there that works.

    I prefer stylish stuff, but you can even find that stuff at places like Marshalls. Kenneth Cole, etc.

    Additionally, you can try any ‘ole department store. I was at Macy’s yesterday and their wintercoats are 50-60% off. A lot of places are clearing out their winter inventory because of post-christmas, and because of the unusually warm winter we’re having.

    Best of luck.

  42. Firemedic510 says:


    I forgot to mention – on those dusters from outback – they are designed that you can use the length of the coat as chaps sort of when mounted (horse or bike). the coat is split of course fore and aft, that split is there for a reason. that material can be fastened around the legs. Kinda hard to explain, but you mentioned biking around town. it would work great to keep your legs dry as well.

  43. DF says:


    We have several REI Ultra Lights in our family, and everyone loves theirs. It’s waterproof and breathable; has a zip-off, brimmed hood that can also be stored inside the collar; has zippers under the arms for additional ventilation (great for biking); and has elastic cuffs and a drawstring hem to keep out the wet and cold. My favorite feature is that it weighs next to nothing and compresses down small enough to fit into the water-bottle or umbrella pocket of a backpack, so I always have mine with me.

    It looks like REI is clearing out the Black and Steel colors right now for only $60, which is a steal:

  44. bdslack says:

    marmot sharp point jacket.
    look online to get 50 off, 200 out the door.

    i bought my first one 5 years ago. just got my 2nd and sent the first one back for free repair! the widnstopper goretex core is great….