ComEd Behind “Consumer” Group

A TV commercial is causing uproar in the Sucker State.

From The Chicago Tribune: “We don’t need a California-style energy crisis in Illinois,” cautions a voice representing Consumers Organized for Reliable Electricity.”

Except whoops, “Consumers Organized for Reliable Electricity” gets most of their money from ComEd.

Whatever you think of the current debate to freeze energy rates in Illinois, (this is not a political blog), just realize that this commercial was paid for with ComEd money. ComEd, ComEd, ComEd. They don’t even deny it:

    ComEd executives said they haven’t kept secret their connections to CORE and that the group’s members have a 1st Amendment right to express their opinion.

Indeed they do. But they’re still ComEd. So now you know.—MEGHANN MARCO

ComEd is behind `consumer’ warning [Chicago Tribune]
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