Awesomist Reader Of The Week

Bill is awesome.

Bill totally fact checked our ass, along with Slate, on our post, ““Stupid” Law Prevents Foreign Investors From “Owning” US Airlines.”

Slate mistakenly identified the Federal Aviation Act as being enacted in 1938, an error we duplicated. Bill pointed out the FAA was actually created in 1958, it was the preceding Civil Aeronautics Act that was created in 1938.

Slate writer Daniel Gross said, “A law that may have made sense when it was enacted in 1938 is clearly obsolete today.” In this, Gross was correct, twice over. The CAA was folded into the FAA and the FAA itself got standardized under the US code and is now Title 49, Subtitle VII. None of which we actually knew ourselves, but reader Bill pointed out with his large, fact-holding brain.

Lastly, Bill emailed this correction to us. We are far more likely to catch a correction through email than through comments.

For his excellent knowledge sharing and efficacy, we anoint Bill as Awesomist Reader Of The Week!


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  1. adamondi says:


    More cat pictures! But good on you, Bill. For every jerk commenter executed, there tend to be several good readers/commenters on The Consumerist.

  2. Bill says:

    Wow, thanks :-D

    I gladly accept my anointment as Consumerist reader of the week.

  3. adamondi beat me to the punch. If I keep on commenting about the cats I hope I dont get booted for my inaneity (i’m sure inaneity is not a word, maybe I should chose inaneness?)

    And now for something completely ON topic…

    Good job Bill.

  4. ViewFromHere says:

    I thought I’d wondered onto for a moment…….cute kitty pic!