Threatening To Cancel Cable Can Get You Discounts

As we mentioned yesterday, threatening to cancel your cable for another provider can sometimes unleash a shower of freebies and rebates as the company tries to get you to stay.

Reader David took our advice and chopped $55 off his monthly cable bill.

Check out his success story inside…

David writes:

    “Thank you very much for the recent article on Comcast,with information about getting discounts. I live in Newton, Mass where we now have three cable/multi-service providers including Comcast, Verizon and RCN. In addition, our mayor has agreed to install city-wide wireless internet. All of this should mean rate competition and lower prices — but instead Comcast is increasing prices effective this month.

    So I called Comcast according to your suggestions, let them know that I know very little about the various services, said I was shopping around, etc. I talked to a customer rep. that would not budge on cost other than to offer more services for the same cost. But this rep. was extremely helpful even if he didn’t know it. He suggested that when I’m done shopping around, to call for service cancellation at Comcast and the representative there would likely offer a discount.

    You guessed it — I called right back without spending any time with another greedy cable conglomerates and received $55 off my bill each month. No changes in service. I would not have invested my time without your encouragement through The Consumerist.

    Keep up the good battle.



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