Health Risks of Red Bull & Alcohol

So-called energy drinks are popular, but are they healthy mixers? Apparently not. What a shock. From ABC News:

    “You can hinder your respiration,” said Roger A. Clemens, of the University of Southern California’s School of Pharmacy. “From a public health perspective, you should not mix stimulants with alcohol.”

According to Red Bull’s website, the product (which has about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee) “supplies tired minds and exhausted bodies with vital substances that have been lost, while reducing harmful substances. It provides immediate energy and vitamins.” Oh! Vitamins! It must make binge drinking healthy!

“A Brazilian study found that college students didn’t perceive themselves to be as intoxicated as they really were. The study indicated that drinking alcohol and Red Bull together significantly reduces the perception of headache, weakness, dry mouth and impairment of motor coordination.” So, it works then? In all seriousness, binge drinking is bad for you energy drink or no. Just ask the chicks on “Girls Gone Wild.”—MEGHANN MARCO