Super Exciting News: Governor of Pennsylvania Eats At A Taco Bell

Ed Rendell drove past a Taco Bell the other day and noticed there were “very few” people eating there. How troubling, the Pennsylvania governor thought all on his own with absolutely no assistance from Taco Bell’s PR team.

“Maybe,” thought the governor and the governor alone, “I should get eat some Taco Bell, on TV, with the curiously Australian president of Taco Bell, Greg Creed.”

And what did the Governor of Pennsylvania order? His “favorite,” the taco salad. —MEGHANN MARCO

Ed Rendell Eats At Taco Bell In Exciting Story [Philadelphia Will Do]


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    [12:54] benpopken: Yesterday, in a show of solidarity with the fast food chain, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell ate at the Taco Bell at Franklin Mills
    [12:55] benpopken: thereafter, his explosive diarrhea knocked over 10 aides, 5 workers and 3 reporters
    [12:55] meghannmarco: ahaha
    [12:55] meghannmarco: his favorite: taco salad
    [12:55] benpopken: he likes getting his taco salad tossed
    [12:55] benpopken: hi mary
    [12:55] benpopken: hi mark
    [12:56] benpopken: so casual
    [12:57] benpopken: “I came up with the idea to eat at taco bell all by myself”
    [12:57] benpopken: “my visit was in no way manufactured by taco bell PR reps”
    [12:57] benpopken: that footage was totally prepped by taco bell
    [12:57] benpopken: the reporter wasnt even in the shots
    [12:57] benpopken: she’s just a bookend
    [12:57] meghannmarco: I know.
    [12:58] benpopken: Is she in front of a fucking green screen?
    [12:58] benpopken: I guess not
    [12:58] meghannmarco: ahaha
    [12:58] benpopken: I’m standing in front of this taco bell for no particular reason…
    [12:59] meghannmarco: I’m posting this, this is hilarious

  2. MeOhMy says:

    Ed Rendell is quite the risk taker – braving both Taco Bell and the Roosevelt Boulevard all in a day’s work, thus proving that both are obviously quite safe.

    Well, at least we Pennsies have some insurance against statewide trans-fat bans for the forseeable future.

  3. FLConsumer says:

    Slow news day…..

  4. bambino says:

    I wonder how much each of those people got paid to eat there.

  5. spanky says:

    The reporter called him “area governor Ed Rendell.”

  6. josh1701 says:

    Rendell is a voracious eater, so this really isn’t out of the ordinary for him.

    According to the local newsradio report:

    “It was Rendell’s idea to have lunch at the restaurant with Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed, in part to reassure people after the recent e-coli scare. Ninety-nine restaurants that employ over 6000 people across the Commonwealth have been checked, twice.”

    I’m sure Rendell was just thinking how he could combine his love of eating and appearing to do his job at the same time!

    Governor Lunchs at Taco Bell

  7. FunkyJ says:

    There’s a Taco Bell in Australia?

    ¿Qué el infierno?

  8. synergy says:

    FunkyJ: Funny once translated to English, but makes no sense to us Spanish speakers. :)

    I was beat to the punchline: I wonder how many tossed salads he’d had before that gig.