Stoned Master Criminals Threw Stuff Over Walmart’s Fence

Two men, seen here, were apprehended after being caught by beach police while throwing merchandise over Walmart’s fence. On Dec 27, a Walmart employee flagged down the Virginia Beach Police and informed them, “there was a customer in the store who was taking items outside to the Lawn and Garden section and throwing it over the fence.”

“A second person was waiting outside by the fence, loading the merchandise into a vehicle. Both were apprehended when the second person came into the store and tried to return merchandise without a receipt.”

The men were charged with various counts, including Conspiracy to Commit Larceny and Possession of Marijuana. Good job, boys. Very smooth. —MEGHANN MARCO
Police Catch Walmart Thieves In The Act [WTKR]


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  1. kiloman says:

    Can you please link or list your source?

  2. bluegus32 says:

    Awwww, and they look like such clean cut, wholesome individuals. How dis-illusioning.

  3. Musician78 says:

    If they would have smoked their pot first, they would have forgotten what they were doing in Wal-Mart in the first place and gone to get some chips. See…?? Pot isn’t so bad. >:p

  4. CTSLICK says:

    Dude on the left looks like Cheech Marin from Cheech & Chong, which is somehow appropriate for this story.

  5. Koinu says:

    Haha, I was in the area when this was going on.

    It was quite funny.