Google Checkout OK For Micropayments

Google Checkout can be used for transactions as low as $.05, reader Mary Marsala With Fries confirms.

This is huge news for artists, writers, coders, and other small or individual merchants, especially those who’ll profit from being able to sell little things for cheap. Nobody would pay $5 for a neat poem I wrote (you can get a book of poems for that!), but they might pay $0.50 to download a .pdf or $1.50 for a signed print.

You can take payments of as little as $1.00 on PayPal, but of course with PayPal you have to give them access to your bank account, and with Google, not so.

Google Checkout continues its relentless pursuit of excellence/Paypal smashing. Why haven’t we bought shares in yet? Oh wait, because it’s expensive, has low cash flow, and Google keeps issuing stock to employees.

Aside: Google Checkout’s promotional $10 off $30+ and $20 off $50+ program ended today. — BEN POPKEN

Google Checkout Does Micropayments! [*The *Transcendental *Wildcard]

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