Ad Supported 411 from AT&T

Maybe we’re just intolerant of ads, but when we heard about AT&T’s new ad supported 411 service, we just laughed. If you’re willing to listen to 40 seconds of advertising, you too can get directory assistance. The best part? There’s auto-connect, but it’s at the advertiser’s discretion. Yes, the media buyer at Pizza Hut’s ad agency decides if you get to auto-connect. Gee, how did we ever live without this.

Currently AT&T’s service is available in Bakersfield, CA, Oklahoma City, OK, and Columbus, OH. It’ll be nationwide sometime in 2007. We guess it could be handy in pinch, as the number is easy to remember. 1-800-YellowPages. There are other options out there. Have any of you tried them?—MEGHANN MARCO

AT&T To Offer Free 411 [Wired Blogs]