Lost Luggage Found In Dumpster

A dumpster stuffed from top to bottom with lost luggage was found several miles from a Texas airport Tuesday.

The dumpster near the George Bush Intercontinental Airport contained dozens upon dozens of suitcases. Many were rifled through and missing valuables, including presents, camcorders and computers.

Continental has all the bags and is trying to reunite the owners with what remains of their luggage.

All the bags appear to have been from international flights. FBI and local officials are investigating the potential involvement of a third party baggage delivery service.

Yet another reason to pack light. — BEN POPKEN

Dozens Of Pieces Of Lost Luggage Dumped In Trash [ClickOnDetroit] (Thanks to Kelly and Keith!)


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  1. acambras says:

    And airlines are actually considering CHARGING extra for the “privilege” of checking luggage???

  2. Magister says:

    Just think of all the dirtbags that have access to your luggage. The GED Flunkies doing federal security, unionized felons sorting and moving the stuff… Can’t imagine what kind of trash third party companies would be hiring. They would be even lower level employees than were handling the bags before.

    Until the liquid ban (OMG Water!!!) I would try to carry-on everything… Ugh.

  3. Papercutninja says:

    Is there any way to blame this on the displaced Katrina victims? Hmm…damn. Nope.


  4. The Unicorn says:

    How could this have anything to do with Katrina victims?

  5. Magister says:

    Ummm, yes you could blame this on the Katrina refugees (victims is a worn out word). They are the lowest level of society, so for the small percentage that are actually willing to work, the only work they could get would be grunt around luggage. And since they are from Chocolate town, they are more than willing to consider stealing, err looting of luggage. ‘Hey, we was just foraging’

  6. acambras says:

    Unicorn, I think Katrina might have come up because so many New Orleanians wound up in Houston after Katrina.

  7. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    I hate checking in luggage when I depart, I hate waiting for my luggage when I arrive, and I hate that sinking feeling that my stuff will get lost or stolen somewhere along the way. So I travel light when ever possible and shove everything into a couple of carry-on size bags.

    On a related note: I heard that airlines and/or airports sell lost luggage if they are unclaimed after X amount of days. There’s a store somewhere in the US that only sells lost luggage items. And some airlines even sell lost luggage items on ebay.

  8. Sideline Reporter says:

    back in the day i left a gameboy and a case with about 12 games in it on the plane. we called and put in a report but i never expected anything to come of it.

    about a year later they mailed me the same case, but it was someone else’s gameboy and games that they must have left on another plane!

    i still get a kick out of thinking about a big warehouse where they keep all the lost items.

  9. adamondi says:

    This is one of the reasons that I refuse to check any luggage unless I have absolutely no other option. I would much rather go to a store and buy a few travel-sized toiletries after arriving at my destination than deal with the stupidity of the carry-on liquids ban or the plague of checked baggage.

  10. The Unicorn says:

    Thanks Acambras — I caught that part, just didn’t pick up on the fact that it was probably sarcastic…all those awful “all the Katrina victims are spending their Red Cross money on noveau-riche luxury goods, for real y’all” email pass-alongs have unfortunately lowered my standards for the types of commentary people will legitimately make. (Sorry ‘Ninja for jumping to the wrong conclusions.)

  11. wintersweet says:

    Someone explain to me why US airlines are allowed to get away with losing 10,000 bags per day (USA Today report for the year 2005). My Christmas-gift-loaded luggage didn’t make our flight into Oakland yesterday, so this topic is on my mind. The agent we spoke to didn’t even make a token apology–and we were being nice.

    I don’t understand how it’s cheaper for the airlines to pay for delivery of lost luggage to homes dozens or hundreds of miles from the airport than it is to just keep track of the bags!

    There’s a pretty good article on what to do when your bags vanish, here: http://www.thetravelinsider.info/travelaccessories/delayed

    Man, I wish we had a decent train system.

  12. Papercutninja says:

    *sorry, it was a bit of a stretch.

    My question is, is it genuinely that hard for the airlines to make sure that your luggage gets on your airplane? In this day and age of computers? I understand that the majority of the lost luggage happens due to human error. Howabout actually hiring HUMANS to do the loading. Have you ever SEEN the mutants that actually load your luggage?

  13. kerry says:

    You’re thinking of the Unclaimed Baggage Center:
    Cheap iPods aplenty!

  14. LLH says:

    i read an article re: the unclaimed baggage center (i think it’s in alabama) so…EVERY attempt is made to find the owner of the louis v. luggage with all of the high end designer clothes inside. riiiigggghhht. the airlines make money from the sale of the baggage and the place makes money on top of it. so it’s really win win for the scums – what incentive do the airlines have to return “lost” luggage? nada. and seeing as your luggage is supposed to be on the same plane as you (how many of you can get those pesky UPC tags off the handle of your luggage w/o getting pissed off first?) and if you’re not on your seat they will FIND your luggage at everyone else’s expense and time. it’s total bullshit that your luggage can get lost via the machines – it’s the humans that thieve that is the problem. what about connecting flights you ask? most of that luggage gets to your plane before you do. and unless you get on the wrong plane and end up somewhere else (not in this day and age!) your luggage knows where you’re going to end up. maybe we should start lo-jacking the bags as an experiment and track them like they do fed ex packages. might be interesting.

  15. Zagroseckt says:

    Well allthough not fool proof when i travel i use ups or fedex sameday or second day or depinding on how far ahead ive pland ground shipping to a pickup location at my destination.

    i only take a spare set of cloths with me just incase sed compamny is late with it’s delivory of my other items.

    to date i’ve only had my stuff show up a day late once and fedex refunded me the shipping cvost.

    it’s somthing you might want to consider if you have to take an expinsive laptop with you and cant take it on the plain. or any expinsive device cloths juleory. fedex claims is much easer to deal with than an airline.
    and you can insure the item and check it at thwe pickup location for damige