End of the Year Car Buying Tips

Are you thinking of buying a new car? Can we convince you not to? No? Ok, well in that case Consumer Reports has some end of the year car buying tips for you.

• Car dealerships have monthly quotas. They’ll be trying to fill them at the end of the month.

• “Dealerships are eager to boost their numbers for the calendar year. Annual sales can affect the level of discounts and incentives they receive from manufacturers for the following year, and good numbers can also help them get better allocation of in-demand models.”

• “There are more incentives available at the end of the year than any other time because carmakers are eager to move old inventory before year’s end. You’ll often find the best manufacturer discounts and rebates right now.”

That being said, CR reminds you not to buy a crappy car just because it’s cheap. Do your homework first. —MEGHANN MARCO

Best and worst year-end car deals [Consumer Reports]