$350 In Sorta Free Money After Applying For These Credit Cards

These business credit cards are available to all and can offer significant bonuses if you get one.

$150 Sign-on bonus for AMEX Business Gold Rewards Card, after charging $100+. There’s a $125 annual fee, but it’s waived for the first year, so cancel before it kicks in.
$100 ThankYou rewards after first purchase for signing on with CitiBusiness MasterCard. No annual fee.
$150 ThankYou rewards after first purchase for signing on with CitiBusiness PremierPass MasterCard. $75 annual fee after first year.

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has got even more of these.

Put your name for business name. Leave Federal Tax ID blank if you don’t have a FTID.

Don’t forget to put a big red circle on the calendar or you’ll get dinged by those annual fees. — BEN POPKEN

Juicy AmEx Credit Card Signup Bonus Disappearing Soon [Fivecentnickel]


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  1. lpranal says:

    Another thing to keep in mind is that canceling a credit card soon after opening it- i.e., less than one year- could have a negative impact on your credit rating. Is it worth the extra 100 bones? (I went through the bank of america $100 freebie, now that was easy money)

  2. Baz says:

    Fine print alert for the AMEX Business Offer:

    *Apply for a Business Gold Rewards Card between 9/11/2006 and 12/18/2006 and get $100 statement credit off your 1st purchase of $100 or more made by 2/28/2007

    Too late for this one – other offers look sweet though…

  3. I posted something similar, a few additional cards that Nickel missed:

  4. Thanks for the mention…

    For those that are trying to access my site and the original post right now, Dreamhost has managed to ‘F’ up the IP, and it’s currently unreachable (great timing, huh?).

    However, the fourth card (Business Gold Rewards; not linked in this Consumerist post) still definitely offers the $50 signup bonus even if the $100 has expired. So it’s at least $400, with an outside chance at $500 — the fine print says the $100 expired on 12/18, but they still seem to be pimping it.

    Anyway, my site will hopefully be back up soon. In the mean time, here is the direct link to the Amex Business Gold offer.

    nickel (of fivecentnickel.com)

  5. Ooops, sorry… The Amex Gold *is* in your post, it’s the Starwood signup link that’s missing… Here’s that one in case my site isn’t back up for awhile: Starwood Amex $100 signup bonus.

    (You can redeem Starpoint for gift certificates, so the 10k points = $100)