Winter Coat Crisis of 2006

The New York Times is reporting on a phenomenon they call “Coat Crisis of 2006, a fashion fiasco measured in racks of unsold fur-lined shearlings at Saks Fifth Avenue and down puffer jackets at Bloomingdale’s.”

Warm weather all over the east coast has been disasterous for sales of winter gear—with average highs 15 degrees above normal. In addition, it’s fashionable to wear layers…rather than a heavy, expensive coat, “Several seasons ago, consumers starting wearing more layers, stacking corduroy blazers over cashmere sweaters over collared shirts over long-sleeve T-shirts — rendering heavy coats unnecessary in all but the coldest weather. “

What does this mean for you? With sales down 20%, there are lots of great coats on sale. If you have a gift card to cash in, now might be the time. It may be warm now, but the good weather can’t last. —MEGHANN MARCO

In Shirt-Sleeve Holiday Season, Overcoats Linger on the Racks [New York Times]


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    Very true. I was in UNIQLO last week and there were tons of men’s jackets still on the racks, many of them marked down. It looked like the retailer had bet heavy on the puffed jacket look, and lost.

  2. kerry says:

    We had a cold snap in Chicago about a month ago, and I realized my wool coat wasn’t cutting it for keeping me warm anymore, especially since now I wait for the train on an unsheltered platform. I went and bought a $300 North Face parka and it hasn’t gotten below freezing since. Stupid global warming! I’ve been assured that our typical Chicago winter is bound to arrive eventually, but I’m starting to lose faith.

  3. voodoodle says:

    “but the good weather can’t last” – i hope that was sarcasm. and average of 15 degrees above normal is very far from “good”