List Of Consumer Electronics Customer Service Contacts

Now that you’ve ransacked the tree and menorah, ravishing packages wrapped with care, it’s time to call customer service. Billy’s robot is on the rampage!

Here’s a big list of consumer electronic companies and how to contact them, via phone or email, as well as how to find their manuals and FAQ.

Regarding Billy’s toy, just remember that all killbots have a preset kill-limit so just send wave after wave of your own men until they stop. — BEN POPKEN

CE Customer Support Contact List [Techlore via Gizmodo]


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  1. acutusnothus says:

    As my peeps in TN are wont to say, “Grassy ass!” That there’s prime, usable infomayshun. And a belated Maligayong Pasko! to you Consumerist staffers.

  2. biggeek says:

    Chopping Mall is an American horror / science fiction film, originally released on March 21, 1986 under the title Killbots. When first released, the film did poorly. After some time, it was re-released as Chopping Mall, and the re-release performed better in the box office. The film features killer robots overtaking a shopping mall and murdering the customers, hence the title.

  3. viriiman says:

    Ben: I heard one time you single handedly defeated a horde of rampaging somethings in the something something system.