Phattest Posts Of The Week

Break Your Cingular Contract Without Fee, Thanks 2 Txt Msg $ Raise

Powerbook Explodes After Comcast Plugs In Wrong Cable

BofA Throws Out Customer Who Refuses To Give Thumbprint

Same Zune Gay Porn Post, Now With Video Included

We Reupload Fake Sony PSP Blog

Cingular Foils Reader’s Attempt To Break Contract

IDT Energy Scammers Knocked On Our Door

Home Depot Improvement Scams Father Of 2 Premature Babies


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  1. spin_sycle says:

    Happy Freakin Holidays!

    and a Merry Christmas too!

  2. junkmail says:

    Did you REALLY have to use that photo? *bleaah*

  3. pestie says:

    Hey, fat chicks need love, too! Heh…

  4. adamondi says:

    That picture is awesome. I now need an eye wash, but awesome nonetheless.

  5. ElizabethD says:

    Re: photo — There but for the grace of God, etc etc. My heart really aches for people who are that obese. They suffer in so many ways.

  6. danger says:

    Anyone still think this person should only pay for 1 airline seat?

  7. dibbers75 says:

    No, what’s sad is that this person is probably sitting there eating a high fat, high carb dessert…..

    “Can I get a side of cool-whip with that banana split?”

  8. Sudonum says:

    That chair has seconds to live

  9. thrillhouse says:

    That chair is a monument to its engineer

  10. flag8 says:

    The photo looks Photoshopped, but still funny none the less.