Noka Chocolate Is A Scam

Noka chocolate is sold for $2000 a pound, but it’s actually crappy chocolate bought from another company and repackaged in a half-abandoned strip mall in Plano, Texas.

Dallas Foods posted an in-depth investigative report, which included this conversation with company owner Katrina Merrem.

DF: So you guys make the chocolate?

KM: Uh-huh. We have a commercial kitchen here where we make the chocolates here.

DF: No, I mean, you actually make the chocolate, or are you using someone else’s chocolate?

KM: Well, we don’t do the whole “bean to bar.” We actually get it in a semi-processed state based on our specifications, but we do actually make the chocolates here.

DF: Who do you get your chocolate from then?

KM: We don’t disclose that.

DF: Really?

KM: Correct.

DF: Okay.

[uncomfortable silence]

KM: Because everything is based on our specifications, so it’s our, um, our chocolate.

DF: And you can’t say, though, who’s making it for you to your specifications.

KM: Correct.

DF: Okay. Well, that’s good enough for me. Thank you.

KM: Oh, you’re welcome.


Noka chocolate is sold through Neiman Marcus and until recently, Dean & DeLuca. — BEN POPKEN

NOKA chocolate exposed! [Dallas Food via Slashfood]
(Thanks to acilletampe, John, Johnathan, and David!)

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