New Cars: Branded Audio Is The Thing

Image courtesy of Does branded audio appeal to you? —MEGHANN MARCO

Car manufacturers are usually slow to adopt new technology, but holy cow, do they love premium branded audio. 80% of 2007 models for sale in the U.S. will offer “branded audio” as optional or standard equipment up from 67% during the ’06 model year. Cars feature brands like Harman/Kardon, Bose, and Boston Acoustics. Car makers are crazy over ipod as well, From BusinessWire:

    “Consumers also want to transfer and play their personal digital media content from a PC, or portable media device, and the most sought after feature in cars is support for Apple’s iPod. Last year only 12% of vehicles for sale supported true iPod integration, while nearly 50% of the ’07 models support iPods. Meanwhile, auxiliary input is supported by nearly 60% of ’07 models.”

Does branded audio appeal to you? —MEGHANN MARCO

Branded Car Audio Hits Full Stride for the 2007 Model Year (Press Release) [Buisness Wire]

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