Last Minute Holiday Wine Guide

Wine is the ultimate last minute gift, but how do you that what you grab off the shelf won’t taste like Larry King’s socks? Pick the cutest label? Ohh, look, here’s one with cute puppies on it! No. Dr.Vino of Dr. Vino’s Wine Blog put together a list just for you. We don’t know Dr. Vino personally, but he knows a hell of a lot more about wine than we do, so we’re going to trust him. A few of Dr. Vino’s picks, all under $20:

• “Ex Libris, Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington State. $15.
Bottle: heavy! Cabernet: classy! I really have no idea why this wine is priced so low (I found some for $13)–perhaps it is the Washington State discount? Whatever it is, seize it now and give in abundance.” Find this wine

• “Montesecondo, IGT Toscana rosso. 2004 $14
Great whimsical label with a toad (prince?) and a crown. The story here is that the producer was ready to age the wine in barrel but stopped and aged it in stainless steel tank instead. The action resulted in a wine too light in color to carry the Chianti DOC but the wine in the bottle is a star, with surprisingly vigorous tannins. 13.5% alcohol” Find this wine


Give the Gift of Big Red [Dr. Vino’s Wine Blog]