IDT Energy Scammers Knocked On Our Door

Yesterday, a salesman from IDTenergy knocked on our door.

He lied and said he was from ConEdison and he said there was a problem with our electric bill. We later shared the following with the 911 dispatcher…

He had a shaved head. There was a large lettered tattoo on the right side of his neck. He wore a black coat with a fringed hood that sorta looked like one that might be issued by a city service. He wore gray slacks and polished black shoes. At first we thought he was from the trash police because we had put some bottles out for the homeless to redeem.

He said he was from ConEd and he wanted us to sign something so we could “fix” our bill.

We said, “Not interested.” He asked if we even knew what he was going to talk about. We said, “Yes, you want us to sign up for a variable rate contract with IDT energy and switch over from ConEd.”

He gave us a grin and pulled out a ConEd bill. He pointed to the part that says how customers can save money by switching to an energy reseller.

We asked if he could leave us a brochure, or if he had a card or contact information. He said, “Nah.” We asked then how were were to get in contact with him if we changed our mind. He said he wasn’t going to come back over here, “just for one app.”

“Okay then,” we said, “No Sale,” and shut the door.

We called 911 and reported the salesman. We said a guy was going around pretending to work for ConEdison but was actually tricking people into switching their contracts. The dispatcher said they would send a car by to pick him up.

Today, we’ll file complaints with the Public Utilities Commission, FCC (for false advertising), BBB, and New York Attorney General.

We understand how it’s possible to save money with an energy resellers, but we wish to see punished any company that systematically has its agents pose as working for another company in order to complete the sale.

Currently, our post, “IDT Energy Bilks Grandpa,” is the number 2 Google result for “IDT Energy.” — BEN POPKEN

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