What To Do With A Broken iPod

Apple charges a bunch of money to repair an iPod, and that makes sense because they’d rather you just buy a new one than worry about fixing your old one. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to rescue your poor broken little ‘pod, and Sound Money Tips has listed a few of them. Broken iPod owners can try to fix the machine themselves with a do-it-yourself kit, or they can farm the work out to independent iPod repair places. Keep in mind, these places may suck, and you’ll probably only want to use one if your warranty is already expired. Sound Money Tips has ranked the top 3 iPod repair places; here’s their number one:

    iPod ResQ – This site will buy all versions of broken iPods. You just have to fill in a form and they will send you back a purchase price (typically between $35 and $95). Hey, that’s money that can then be applied to the purchase of a new iPod. The site also claims that there is nothing they can’t fix.

They even have next day repair and data recovery. Because a broken iPod deserves a second chance. Sniff. Does anyone have any non-repair ideas for broken iPod fun? Hockey puck?—MEGHANN MARCO

What to do with a broken iPod [Sound Money Tips]