Avoid Denver: United Airlines Waiving Fees

The above-pictured blizzard is hitting Denver right now, and if you’d like to avoid connecting through that airport on United, they’re waiving fees. Up to 3′ of snow is expected in Northern Colorado. Brrrr. Customers can check the status of their flights at united.com or calling 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) for automated, up-to-the-minute flight arrival and departure information before leaving for the airport. —MEGHANN MARCO

United Airlines Offers Advice To Customers Affected By Snowstorm [ABC Denver]


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  1. MeOhMy says:

    First a fee to sit by the window, now a fee for waving at cloud gnomes?

  2. Pelagius says:

    I will be skiing in that come Sunday. Bring it on!

  3. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I wish that snow hit here (NJ), so this actually feels like Christmas.

  4. Teqonix says:

    I live in Fort Collins, and everything is shutting down due to this blizzard (I was even forced to leave work), including all of Denver International and local businesses. First time I’ve seen a blizzard like this during December, we normally get them Feburary to March.

    In any case, glad to see United is trying to help passengers by waving a few fees.

  5. spanky says:

    I’m in Broomfield, north of Denver, and the snow levels in my yard are already rivaling Spring of 2003.

    They’d better waive their fees. I’m thinking we’re at that “get comfortable where you are” point.

  6. flyover says:

    I think you mean “waiving” fees.

  7. 3′ not 3″ ….dear god.

    Woot for Fort Collins! I lived there for a short while and loved it. I really miss that sub joint…Pickle Barrel was it?

  8. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    We got that storm yesterday/this morning in New Mexico. It sucks. The Albuquerque airport was shut down last night, and pretty much the whole city was miserably slowed down today.

  9. spin_sycle says:

    ahhhh..snow days!

    i miss those!

  10. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    3′ not 3″ ….dear god.

    Well, that is far less impressive…

  11. viriiman says:

    alteredbeast: I’m with you on the request for snow in NJ

  12. Poormojo says:

    I’m trying to call United to get my flight re-routed, but their automated customer service keeps transferring me to busy or out of service lines.

    Does anyone have a direct number into United?

  13. somnambulist says:

    First a fee to sit by the window, now a fee for waving at cloud gnomes?

    That wasn’t for a window seat. That was for an upgrade into a section of the cabin reserved for United’s elite frequent flyers (20,000 miles / year +) and those who choose to purchase access. If the AP reporter had wanted a window seat, she should have requested one when she purchased her ticket *or* asked a few people with window seats if they’d like to trade. Complaining because United doesn’t provide gratis access to services reserved for elites is a little petty.

  14. spanky says:

    For what it’s worth, but they’ve closed DIA now. (Also major highways, city governments, and pretty much anything they can close.)

    Here north of Denver, I just measured about 2′ (that’s feet) with drifts about 3.5 to 4′ in my front yard (I just eyeballed the drifts), and if anything, the snowfall is picking up. So things don’t look good if you’re trying to get into, out of, or through here.

    If you’re lucky enough to be safely at home here in Colorado, though: WOO HOO!

  15. Enduro says:

    I’ve got a new Cingular phone from eBay and I need a new SIM card (smartchip) for it. I go to the store and they want 25 bucks and a new year contract (I’ve been a loyal customer for 4 years or so). Anyone know how to get around this?

  16. somnambulist says:

    Poormojo – ignore the automated agent. Say ‘agent’ at the first opportunity to be put in the live queue.

  17. karimagon says:

    I’m in Colorado Springs, but I’m supposed to try to make my way to Fort Collins sometime before Christmas.

    There’s a slim chance of that happening anytime soon though; the outside looks like a scene out of The Day After Tomorrow. My college campus is hilarious right now, because the semester just ended today but everyone’s stranded here.