This Next: Fun Social Shopping

Is there anything that we can’t Web 2.0? Introducing This Next, a social shopping site. Lifehacker recommends it for gift ideas, and we’d have to agree. From Lifehacker:

    Here’s how it works: you sign up (quick and easy), and then you can start browsing ThisNext and adding things to your wishlist (what you want), or your recommendations (what you would advise others to buy).

We noticed right away that This Next users recommend the “Airzooka”, which we own and love. The Airzooka is the single best way to scare a cat off the sofa. It shoots a “ball of air” (this makes sense once you try it) wherever you point it. Seriously, Airzooka is amazing, and This Next seems pretty cool too. —MEGHANN MARCO

Find great gift ideas at ThisNext [Lifehacker]

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