Old Man Gets Gun After Getting No Home Depot Help

You know Home Depot’s got a customer service problem when this happens…

    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Orange County deputies said a 78-year-old man upset with the customer service at a local Home Depot left the store and got his gun…

    Deputies say Llido got mad when no one would help him, and said he was going home to get a gun and came back with the weapon 20 minutes later.”

Cleanup in aisle 5? — BEN POPKEN

Man Upset With Home Depot Brings Gun To Store [WFTV] (Thanks to something_amazing!)


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  1. Chongo says:

    If it weren’t for all of these violent “murder simulators” that the elderly of today are playing… things like this would just never happen.

  2. Dustbunny says:

    I can totally understand how this guy felt..last time I went to HD I wished I had a big sign that said “Ready to spend $3000 on remodeling bathrooms. Please help!” Maybe that would have gotten one of those ever-scurrying orange apron people to stop. I guess their salespeople don’t work on commission (?)

  3. RogueSophist says:

    Who on earth is Old Man Get?

  4. AdminX says:

    HD customer service is horrible anyway, so don’t blame him for what he did, but i think faking a medical emergency might have been more successful, and he wouldn’t be in jail for it.

    I live in orange county, and if he brought it to the HD near my house, props to him. Maybe it will be a wakeup call to all the employees that blow me off whenever I need help.

  5. haha last time I went to home depot I had three guys helping me… and they “weren’t going to leave my side” until i had everything together.
    maybe he should have sent his wife.

  6. voodoodle says:

    does anybody have worse customer service than Home Depot?

  7. ChazB says:

    The old man may be on to something. Everyone should settle CS disputes with loaded firearms. Maybe then you could get decent help.

  8. Musician78 says:

    Perhaps he saw a stick drawing of it on a shirt sold at K-Mart, and that made him do it.

  9. acambras says:

    Maybe the manager called the old man’s wife a c***.

  10. homerjay says:

    Wow, this makes my tossing their receipts on the floor look like just tossing a receipt on the floor.

  11. I’ll never forget how polite everyone was at the Illinois Rifle Association’s Open House event. It made me realize that people are a lot less likely to be douches when everyone carries a loaded gun.

    We shouldn’t put this guy in jail, we should give him award. It’s not like he was trying to rob the place…he just wanted help. Good, bad, I’m the guy with the gun, now show me where the #12 wire is.

  12. Funklord says:

    The obvious problem–how would he find anyone to shoot? It’s not like you can locate a Home Depot employee in the store anywhere.

  13. planetdaddy says:

    I have never had a good experience with HD, but I have never wanted to come back with a gun.

  14. bonejavy says:

    You people need to grow up. How old are you? Have you ever worked in retail? It is hard in any large company store where the employees are out numbered by customers 50 to 1. Customer service is number one at the Home Depot and it isn’t any better at Lowe’s, Walmart or K-mart. And of course all businesses have those employees who are just there for the paycheck and don’t hit a lick. So just grow up and talk about something more important than getting your little feelings hurt at your local Home Depot. If you don’t know where something is be a big boy and look for it. Life must be rough for you people.