Home Depot Calls Customer A “Stupid Cunt”

John Wagner went into his local Home Depot with his wife to buy nearly $700 worth of stuff, but when his wife asked to use Home Depot’s “no interest, no payments” promotion, no one at the register had any idea what they were talking about. As the Wagners were leaving, they saw a sign for the promotion, so John’s wife returned to the register. From John’s blog:

    A few minutes later, an employee came out angrily complaining about a “stupid c—” … I watched him as he looked for the sign on the front of the store. He cursed again and went back inside.
    It took a moment to sink in, but I realized after he had left that he was calling my wife that name … and I went inside and confronted him about it.
    He said, “Tell me what I said.”
    I said, “That’s not a word I would ever use.”
    He replied, “Well, if you can’t tell me what I said, then I didn’t say it.”
    Finally, we asked to see the manager, and he said he WAS the manager! Amazing.

This particular manager’s name is “Fred,” and works at Home Depot in Missouri City, TX.

Fred obviously thought he was alone, and had no idea the woman’s husband was sitting there. Whoops. You’d think Fred could have at least apologized, right? Instead, Fred ran away into the back. John and his wife “told the customer service lady to credit us for the merchandise, as we didn’t want it anymore. She did, and we left.” From now on they’ll be shopping at Lowe’s. If you have an experience like John’s here’s what you can do:
Call: Home Depot Atlanta Store Support Center at 770-433-8211, and ask for “Big Bob.” That’s Robert L. Nardelli, the CEO. —MEGHANN MARCO

Home Depot manager calls my wife a vulgar name [On Message from Wagner Communications](Thanks, Carlos!)

UPDATE: Fred’s boss apologizes.