With Our Help, Reader Escapes Cell Plan For Free

We helped reader Michael leave his Cingular cellphone contract without early termination fee.

Michael recently moved to North Carolina. There, he found he and his wife, “…get dropped calls indoors, if we get a connection at all. We get bad reception and dropped calls while driving. We get dropped calls sitting on our porch. We get dropped calls when we step out of our offices. When we’re not getting dropped calls, we’re getting bad reception.”

He wanted to switch service but was only 6 months into a two-year contract. How could he leave Cingular without penalty?

We advised he call up Cingular and simply ask. Cite the bad service. Cellphone companies are contractually obligated to provide you with cellphone service. If they’re not providing it, they’re not holding up their end of the contract.

Today, Mike wrote in his results:

“It worked out! They let me out of my contract with no penalty. On January 17th I’ll be on a new provider.”

This concludes today’s lesson on getting what you want by asking for it. — BEN POPKEN