U.S. Airlines Not Recycling?

According to Reuters: “U.S. airlines and airports send more of their trash to the dump than the country as a whole, losing the chance to save emissions through recycling, according to an environmental group’s report.”

The 30 largest airports generated as much trash as the city of Miami during the same period of time. “These are resources that don’t need to be mined, logged or drilled,” said the report’s author Allen Hershkowitz, a scientist at the NRDC. “And by avoiding all that, you save a lot of energy and avoid a lot of emissions.”

He said the aluminum wasted by the industry every year is enough to build 58 commercial jumbo jet airplanes. Hey, that’s a lot of lukewarm in-flight Pepsis. By the way, we said, “Coke.” It’s not the same thing! Rarr! —MEGHANN MARCO

U.S. airline industry lags nation on recycling [Reuters]