AMEX’s MyWishlist: Everything You Need To Know

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Once again, the American Express website offers cardmembers a chance to participate in the "My Wishlist" promotion, but what's it all about?

Once again, the American Express website offers cardmembers a chance to participate in the “My Wishlist” promotion, but what’s it all about?

The pitch is simple: a bunch of great discounts on hot items, and you throw items at your computer in disgust after you receive messages like, “Sorry, just missed it“, every time you vainly try to redeem a special.

Inside, what’s left of the scheduled promotions and how to synchronize your clock with their timeserver for extra efficiency. — BEN POPKEN

The promotion has four segments:

Holiday Offers: Offers from Amex partner merchants

Featured Products: Savings on select merchandise while quantities last.

Wish Certificates: Limited inventory of gift certificates released on 11AM, 2PM, and 6PM EST.

Hot Products – Savings on a small quantity of products, released at 12PM, 3PM and 7PM EST.

Read their FAQ for more info.

My Wishlist Items

All of these times are Eastern Time unless otherwise specified. Items listed here are unconfirmed, please refer to the “My Wishlist” page for up-to-date information.

December 12:


12:00 PM – 100 MOTOKRZR/Motorola Bluetooth Headsets 150$ each (retail: 579.98)

3:00 PM – 100 RED MOTORAZR V3M $120 each (retail: 399)

7:00 PM – 100 MOTOROLA Q $150 each (retail: 499.99)

Wish Certificates:

11:00 AM – Home Depot (20% off)

2:00 PM – Toys R Us (25% off)

6:00 PM – Blockbuster (25% off paid monthly membership)

Decmber 13th:

Hot Products:

12:00 PM – 80 White model L Geneva Sound System 175$ each (retail: $718)

3:00 PM – 70 Black model L Geneva Sound System

7:00 PM – 50 Red Model L Gena Sound System

Wish Certificates:

11:00 AM – Land’s End gift certificate (25$ gift card)

2:00 PM – Border’s gift certificate. (10% off electronics/video games, 20% off DVD)

6:00 PM – Best Buy gift card

December 14th:

Wish Certificates:

11:00 AM – Best Buy gift card

2:00 PM – Toys R Us or Amazon

6:00 PM – Toys R Us or Amazon

Syncing Your Clock To Their Clock

According to the FAQ on the American express website, “When you load My WishList, the site synchronizes with our master clock. This master clock is synchronized with the U.S. government time server at the National Institute of Standards and Technology at All products are released based on this master clock.”

This is wrong, it’s actually a few seconds off.

Read these instructions (PDF) on synchronizing your desktop clock to a NIST timeserver.


Windows 2000 and XP

Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/Me

This will have your desktop clock more accurate reflect their master timeserver than the clock on their webpage.




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