Email Amazon’s Executive Customer Service

If you need traction on a thorny customer service issue, and you feel regular customer service isn’t cutting it, you can reach their executive customer service team by email, at

The ecr no doubt stands for “executive customer relations.”

Other methods for reaching Amazon’s regular customer service include calling 1-800-201-7575. You can also have Amazon call you.

Mark was pushed to tracking down executive customer service after he called regular CS and the guy kept calling him Ma’am and hung up on him. Mark’s letter is inside. — BEN POPKEN

Mark writes:

    “After an experience with Amazon today, I’m wondering if their level of customer care, and by this I mean both customer support and just outright caring about customers has begun to fall.

    Shortly before the customer vote fiasco, I placed an order for a DVD box set as a gift for my mother. The order is listed as being placed on November 22, and the estimated arrival date as December 8th, which is today.

    I looked at the tracking information on Amazon and it says that the package has not been picked up. When I called the Post Office to inquire why, I was told that the package was returned to Amazon because it was addressed improperly. When I went to the Post Office web site with the tracking number, I saw this:

    “Label/Receipt Number: 9102 ***********************
    Status: Return to Sender

    Your item was returned to the sender on November 27, 2006 because it could not be delivered as addressed. “

    I called customer service and a few things happened that made me very upset. Let me add one more thing, it was obvious the support center was in India. I don’t care if I’m talking to a penguin in Antarctica as long as I get some help and I am treated like my business matters.

    First of all, the customer service representative would not stop calling me Ma’am. Even after I confirmed my address, even after telling him three times I was a man and my name was Mark, he still kept calling me “Ma’am.”

    Secondly, he insisted that the package was never picked up. He couldn’t tell me when it would be picked up or when it would arrive, all he said was it hadn’t been picked up. Thirdly, he would not transfer me to a supervisor. He said “the supervisors are all extremely busy so I can’t do that.”

    After all this he told me “I understand that the arrival of this package is critical for you but I suggest you wait a few more days and call back on this matter.”

    Ok, DVDs for my mom are not “critical” so now I’m being patronized.

    I asked him if he could just tell me when the DVDs will get there as I’m not upset, I just want to know. He says “Ma’am, I’ll send you an email with all this information tomorrow, thank you for calling” And he hangs up.

    So basically, the guy wouldn’t listen to me, lied to me, refused to transfer me to his superior, patronized me, and I’m left still not knowing what the heck is going on!

    Here’s my question for you, has become “too big for it’s britches” so to speak? I’m wondering what you and your readers think about’s handling of customers these days. I used to think they were great but now I’m feeling mistreated. I do understand that posting something about it may open the flood gates to the XBox complaint department but still…”

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  1. VA_White says:

    The benefits of outsourcing a call center have to be weighed against how many customers you can afford to piss off by doing so.

    How is “Abraham Lincoln” in India going to have real idea when that box is going out? All he knows is what the screen tells him and that isn’t any different than the info you can look up for yourself on Amazon’s website.

  2. Mike_ says:

    Awhile back, I selected “2-day shipping” for something, and they offered me a free trial membership in Amazon Prime. Give it a try and see if they’re still doing this. You can always switch back to Ground before you confirm your order.

  3. “The benefits of outsourcing a call center have to be weighed against how many customers you can afford to piss off by doing so.”

    It didn’t bother me at first but now I’m finding myself actively avoiding outsourced call centers and the companies who use them. The level of spoken English seems to have declined as more and more companies outsource. They can’t escalate you to anyone worthwhile.

    My stupid phone company did away with the local office for things like downed lines, so now I have to call INDIA after a snowstorm and say, “How long until I get my phone back?” and they say, “We are working on that issue and can put in a trouble ticket.” Back when those calls were local, I at least got to talk to someone local who could say “the roads are rotten so we’re really slow” or “he should be out there by tonight” or “half the city is out” or whatever.

    My favorite was when I was explaining to customer service in India that I could see the line was physically detached from my house and the guy kept following the script. “Have you tried unplugging your phones and plugging them back in? Are your jacks connected? Is your phone out of batteries? Is your DSL properly connected so as not to interfere with your phone line?” I was like, “Hey, JACKASS using up all my cell minutes, THE LINE IS PHYSICALLY DETACHED FROM MY HOUSE.” He insisted he couldn’t escalate me or put in an “outside” trouble request until I’d gone through all the “inside” steps. So once again I sat in my chair, played Diner Dash, and lied. “Yep, did that — nope, didn’t work.” We got to the end and he’s like, “It seems that the problem may be with the outside line. I will dispatch someone to check that.” THANKS, GENIUS! Phone lines that have fallen off the house are generally AN OUTSIDE PROBLEM.

  4. ElizabethD says:

    I used to be a big shopper when they were a young startup, but not so much anymore. The thrill is gone. Shipping that was once speedy now seems to take forever.

    And I, too, am sick to death of being run through checklist scripts by CS phone automatons overseas for any number of vendors and service providers. I can barely understand these people, and clearly they’re not too interested in understanding ME.

    :shakes fist and runs to local independent bookstore:

  5. smash says:

    you know, it is worthy to note that amazon has american call centers as well as overseas ones. they have quite a few, actually.

  6. missdona says:

    My favorite over-seasism is “I hear that you problem is _____, is that correct”

    Like you’re speaking to some sort of bot

  7. Missdona, that always makes me laugh because they taught us that in pre-Cana counseling (pre-wedding classes for Catholics).

    “I’m so mad at you that you didn’t finish the laundry!”

    “So what you’re saying is that you’re upset, because I didn’t finish the laundry — is that right?”

    I always feel like I’m in some sort of dysfunctional relationship with the CSR.

  8. Big Maybelle says:

    I tried this Amazon executive customer relations email address a few days ago and got no response, BTW.

  9. acambras says:

    Elizabeth D —

    It’s a shame, but those local independent bookstores are getting increasingly harder and harder to find. :-(

  10. jdmba says:

    Thank you consumerist! A month ago I ordered Volume 2 of a DVD set from Amazon. After the mandatory 5-day punishment for selecting the abhorrent ‘free shipping’ they finally shipped. 5 days later, I received Volume 1. The kind folks in India do not have, in their script, “Amazon sent me the wrong product” (although they do have “I ordered the wrong product” which seemed to be the same thing to them). After digging and digging I finally found the amazon link for “amazon sent me the wrong product” (hint: it is *NOT* in the pull-down menu for reasons for a return). I foolishly selected ‘please ship me the right product’ instead of ‘refund’. Anyway, another 5+5 mandatory delay and I receive … Volume 1 (again)!

    So, I sent an email to the address provided by consumerist at 4PM on Friday. At 9PM that evening I received a response:

    “Your experience has been brought to my attention because my group’s
    mandate is to address and resolve the most acute problems our
    customers encounter.

    After looking into your situation, it appears that we have the problem
    with this item is more widespread than we originally thought, we are
    not able to send another replacement. We will investigate and remedy
    the situation with the item; however, I cannot guarantee when the
    error may be fixed and for this I offer my sincere apologies.

    While we cannot compensate you for your inconvenience and
    disappointment you have had with our service as well as the item, I
    would like to give you a $25.00 promotional certificate for use toward
    your next order. I hope that you will accept this as a
    gesture of goodwill and in apology for your experience. This
    promotional certificate has been automatically redeemed onto your
    account. You will not receive a claim code.”

    So thank you consumerist, and please keep those ECR email addresses coming.

  11. Simon Gelica says:

    Thanyou for the ECR email. After a lot of attempts I gave up on Amazon altogether. They are going to be missing out on over $2500 a year I spend just on books of interest. And missing out on every customer I can persuade not to use them. I decided that a needle email was in order. I already have my bank persuing fraud charges against amazon. So I sent this to see if It would get a response. If nothing else at least i got to vent.

    “I placed an order for two books with your company over a month ago. The story goes something like this.

    1. I browse you vast stock and pick two books I like.

    2. I purchase by credit card. (Being an international customer I pay exchange fees on top of the order price. Im happy to ONCE)

    3. I sit around like a spare dick at an orgy for a month waiting for it to arrive.

    4. An order that I placed 2 days later than the original arrives.

    5. Original order still not here so I email.

    6 (This is where it gets stupid) One of your trained Indian monkeys replies with standard cut and paste from the company line bullshit that does not answer my concerns.

    7. I email again. This time a different monkey answers with the same banana.

    8. Past the last arrival date I email again. A third monkey offers me a bag of peanuts but no banana or books asking me to be patient.

    9. I drop a letter in the cage of your Indian sweatshop for non English speaking primates explaining that I am sick of waiting and have checked with neighbors friends , the local postal service and Santa’s helpers but alas no package.

    10. This different trained monkey obviously picked up on a keyword of Postal (something i am fast becoming)n and sent me the same banana again asking me to take my time and check again.

    11. One of your senior monkeys makes an executive decision (This is where you need to make sure you lock the cage at feeding time) He re orders the books and tries to charge my credit card again without my permission. This is not only illegal it costs me money in exchange fees again. Plus he tried to charge the card before he refunded my original purchase which is yet to be seen in my account.

    12. In a futile attempt at primate sign language i shake my fists and screech in rage stopping just short of hurling sh#t at the screen for a form of frustrated communication. I explain that a simple way to do things without aggravation is to simply apply the credit to the new purchase instead of screwing around. By costing me further exchange fees you are upping the cost of a purchase after the agreed contract of sale is entered into. This is also theft.

    13. I ask one of the monkeys to get a keeper to call me. Guess what? Your monkey thinks a banana is a telephone. HOW CUTE!!! however not very practical. This (yet again different) monkey explains I need to leave my number on the site under the call me function that exists for Canadians and Americans. If tardnut the chimp had looked at the account he was dealing with he would see AUSTRALIA in clear print. I understand that even normal idiots confuse Australia with Austria sometimes but your idiots must be a special breed.

    14. I try calling at my cost to your international number and get put on hold for ten minutes with no warning and then cut off.

    15. I get on the web cancel the order. I still have no refund or books or answers from customer service. I had to dog around to find this address to lodge a complaint that may or may not be even looked at.

    So to summarize. I’m out of pocket for bank charges, without books, have waited 4 weeks (Monkey wanted me to wait another three for the new order instead of offering express courier.) I’m beyond pissed with your service. I have lodged a formal fraud complaint with my bank which is ready to have the trigger pulled should I not see a decent resolution from this email.

    Please for the sake of everyones sanity provide the service you promised and a solution to this situation that the 15 or so different individuals I have dealt with should have done in the first place.

    Have a peachy f###ing day.”

  12. jdt2007 says:

    Previewing Your Comment
    OHHH After being scr3wed by Amazon with shipping on my Christmas gifts last year, I was furious when they shipped my order (that I entered billing and shipping separately for) to my billing address (a PO Box 32 miles away as we’ve recently moved). When I tried to find a way to contact them via phone, I was even more furious that I was clicking in circles…only to come back to a bunch of BS links taking me back to the “Help” page. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
    Email is what they want you to do….but try to find an email address and when you do….. Well, after my Christmas pointless un-shopping last year, I’m still awaiting a response to the multitude of emails that they never responded to. So where to go from here?
    Well, I decided to do a DNS check and found their Seattle number…They started here in Renton, WA! So when I called…it is ONLY their legal department anymore, but they did direct me to their Customer Service number 1-800-201-7575, which put me in touch with one of the most rude people, from India, I’ve ever spoken with. Oh and he had to make their mistake mine. These are jobs that are taken from our people and farmed out to the most rude and obnoxious, talk over the top of you, People (and I use this word lightly) on the face of the planet. Even the supervisor…when I stopped him and said, “Don’t you interrupt me, I’m not DONE YET!!” was still the epitome of RUDE! I’m guessing that is normal…maybe not, but I sure seem to reel in the most horrific customer service (yeah like that means something) reps in employment today. What happened to trying to resolve a bad situation or error? We end up in a friggin blame game that these CSR’s think they actually know what they are talking about and contradict you, talk over the top of you and actually blame you for problems that obviously occurred within the system.
    I think I recall placing my order with a “Billing” address and a “Physical” address. Wouldn’t you? In fact, I am so flippin ANAL about it, I check, recheck and then check it again. Then I’m accused of using a ONE CLICK CHECKOUT THAT DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE OPTION OF TWO ADDRESSES…NOT!!! Anyway, I’m pretty down on Amazon right now and am very angered that they have farmed out jobs to other countries that have no understanding of our annunciations or verbiage whatsoever, much less the definition of CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!
    And just one more question, if it had been my fault, do you think Amazon would have immediately credited me back my full payment before they received their packages back? I don’t think so! It simply took me over an hour on the phone, forcing them to listen…instead of loudly, talking over the top of me, to realize it was a mistake on either their end or with the system.

  13. carolynlibrarian says:

    Nope – emailed this “Executive” address and got another bot-mail from “Gopi N” with the exact same script they read on the phone. No replies accepted at that email address.

    My problem – I trusted the “Order within an hour and get it tomorrow!” button. It’s past “tomorrow,” and I still don’t have my stuff. It wouldn’t be such a huge deal, except it’s a replacement computer. Have you any idea the mental anguish of a Technical Services Head who has to borrow a freakin’ computer on the road?

    They already refunded shipping (very nice of them, since I already get free 2-Day shipping with Prime). Apparently, though, there’s no talking to an English-speaker. Jeez. When I placed the order and called immediately after to ask a question, I got a US call center. Maybe I’ll try again…

  14. khiltd says:

    No good. Send a certified letter to Jeff Bezos at the address on their SEC filings if you want Amazon to take your issue very seriously. I’m sure he’ll never see it, but someone who gets paid more than a bowl of rice a day to read his mail will:

    Jeff Bezos, Inc.
    1200 12th Ave, Suite 1200
    Seattle, WA 98122