DirecTV Sued Over NFL Advertisements

From LA Bizjournal:

The suit claims DirecTV falsely claimed in recent ads that Time Warner Cable subscribers will not be able to see their local professional football teams play unless they have DirecTV. Time Warner is one of several cable operators who no longer carry the NFL Network, due to monthly fees the league wants to charge for the channel, the Wall Street Journal said.

This is just one of a shitload of problems the NFL Network/The NFL is having with both local affiliates, Comcast, Time Warner, and so on. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Senator Arlen Spector, “who is chairman of the committee, said he would sponsor legislation to eliminate the antitrust exemption that allows the National Football League to negotiate broadcast rights for all of its 32 teams.” Also, “Specter said he would consider proposing that Comcast and other cable companies no longer be allowed to refuse to share sports programming with satellite competitors.”

All we know is that the NFL Network is annoying, and having to have DirecTV just to get NFL Sunday Ticket is annoying. All this crap is really annoying. So there. —MEGHANN MARCO

DirecTV sued by Time Warner over NFL Network, HD ads [LA Bizjournal]
Specter says NFL abuses cable viewers [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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