Verizon Customer Gets Full Refund

UPDATE: Verizon Still Can’t Count

Our beleaguered Verizon customer friend may have just got a full refund. Verizon had charged him $71 instead of $00.71, because Verizon can’t tell the difference between .002 dollars and .002 cents.

Verizon apologized for the “miscommunication.” It also pointed out, “In the future please keep in mind that it is .002 dollars per KB while in Canada.”

Interesting. All the previous reps George spoke to insisted that the rate is .002 cents. Looks like his efforts just made Verizon change their policy. Not to mention they’ll have to change a few vacuum tubes in their fancy bill calculator machine. — BEN POPKEN

Response from Verizon – 100% Refund [VerizonMath]

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