The $55 Mac And Cheese Guy Speaks

The $55 mac and cheese (and truffle) guy has some choice words for you (the friend was platonic, he had a good time, is not a douche, etc), inside…

Above is what his dinner may have looked like. Except, you know, smaller. — BEN POPKEN

Our tipster Max passes on words about his publicity shy friend. Shining points of clarification, if you will.

    “Besides the truffle incident, he says that he actually had a nice meal and enjoyed the free wine.

    My roommate was out eating with a platonic female friend who suggested it. My roommate is no stranger to expensive restaurants, is a New York native, and did not have trouble paying the bill, but besides this fact he just ultimately deemed $55 mac and cheese ridiculous. He is not a douche and he is not stupid.

    In fact, he didn’t even get to eat any of it because the portion was too small. He ordered it based on his friend’s suggestion, as in a previous meal her friend had ordered it and loved it.

    He assumed mac and cheese was mac and cheese and was not looking at the menu, and did not know that it was going to have truffles on it. He had not had truffles before and when they shaved them onto the dish, he “thought it was cheese at first but then was pretty sure it was truffles.” He didn’t say anything because he’s not a confrontational guy, and offered the entire plate to his guest because the portion was so small. But even still,
    he did not expect it to be $55.

    All in all, it was more a humorous experience for him than an unpleasant one, and he would like to communicate to everyone that it pays to check prices on what you order, even if you can ultimately afford it.”

UPDATE: The $55 Mac And Cheese: The Menu Said ‘Truffles’
The $55 Mac And Cheese