Happy Returns Mean Happy Returning Customers

Unsurprisingly, this story from the Chicago Tribune about happy customers joyously returning items with optimum efficiency is set in a Target…the only big box store that pleases you people now-a-days.

Vicki Sano stands in line at Target, a receipt in one hand and a bag with an outfit that didn’t fit her daughter in the other. With a quick scan of her receipt, and the tags on the clothing, the customer service “team member” hands her a refund and she’s on her way quicker than you can say “Happy Holidays.”

It’s nice to see an article recognizing the importance of easy, fast returns. The article does go on to explain the most common return scams…the ones that are costing retailers and causing them to tighten up their return policies.
Our favorite? “Wardrobing.” This is the retail industry term describing the practice of a consumer wearing a piece of clothing once and returning it; it’s especially common with prom and other special-occasion attire. Yay for girls at a dance with the tag still on the dress. This was probably pretty common at our prom, which we did not attend. Actually, never mind that, the dresses probably still had the security tags on, if you know what we mean. —MEGHANN MARCO

Happy returns keep shoppers coming back [Chicago Tribune]