Shoppers Continue Shopping As Mall Burns

No one needs to die for designer discounts.

    “MENTOR, Ohio: Firefighters in Ohio say shoppers at a Dillards South store in Mentor kept buying even as thick smoken from an electrical fire filled the business…

    Mentor fire Battalion Chief Joe Busher says shoppers wanted to stay and buy even as smoke filled the store. He says firefighters had to block the door so customers didn’t come in.”

Shop till you drop and roll? — BEN POPKEN

Firefighters: Holiday shoppers kept buying during Ohio mall blaze [WAVY] (Thanks to Jpac!)


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  1. acutusnothus says:

    “Shop till you drop and roll…” Thou slayest thy readership.

  2. ElizabethD says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! This news is a great way to start my shopping day.

    Land of the free (to be an idiot), home of the shopaholic.

  3. I’m a professional firefighter. You’d be amazed at what people will do.

    We once had a patient who dropped dead of a heart attack in a restaurant. As we worked on him (performing CPR, intubating, defibrillating, the works) diners at nearby tables either sat watching and eating as if it were a particularly realistic episode of “E.R.,” or continued eating and talking amongst themselves as if nothing out of the ordinary at all were going on.

    • Joe Kenrick says:

      @Kilgore Trout:

      What did you expect them to do? You were there, they stayed out of your mission.

      Personally, I can’t stand rubberneckers and if you were doing your job why were you watching the customers?

  4. wreckingcru says:

    Wow, this is holiday shopping at its best (worst?)

    Is it too cliche to talk about how materialistic the celebration of holidays has become?

  5. thrillhouse says:

    This, my fellow commenteers, is the state of the American shopper – Out-of-control.

  6. Morton Fox says:

    It must have been a fire sale. :)

  7. alicetheowl says:

    This reminds me of the time I was working at Suncoast when a customer had a heart attack in the back of our store. The other staff on with me at the time, who had several medical certifications and was therefore trained to deal with it, ran back there while I called 911. While she’s getting the woman to lie flat, there were customers shopping around her. After the paramedics arrived, people blithely continued to shop for movies and ask me questions as the paramedics asked me what I knew about it. The woman’s very distressed friend approached me as I had a line of people waiting to check out, and I got yelled at for stepping away to offer my “I hope she’s okay” by the customer who was waiting.

    This doesn’t surprise me.

  8. Juancho says:

    I used to work at Dillard’s North at Great Lakes Mall. North had men’s clothing and housewares, South was all women’s.

    Honestly, it was the worst job I’ve ever had, and the least professional environment I’ve ever worked in. I had things said to me by management that were probably illegal.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if those bosses were the encouraging shoppers to acct the way they did.

  9. Amry says:

    Yo, people are insane and will shop through anything, Holiday season or not. I was once forced to keep a store open during a power outage; despite the fact that there were only low-level emergency lights on, it was 80 degrees inside the store, and the wait in line was over 45 minutes because employees were handwriting transactions, people continued entering and shopping for THREE HOURS. Seriously.

  10. simplybeebo says:

    As B&N store manager, I had to evacuae the store one night, as the fire dept. were coming to investigate a possible electrical fire in our ceiling. I made tha announcement over the loudspeaker from the back of the store, and when I got to the front was amazed to see my booksellers ringing up customers even as the fire trucks were pulling into the lot! I made the customers put down the stuff and gave them the GFO.
    (When they finally left and the firemen came in, the customers were finally so panicked that they caused themselves 2 car accidents in the lot and wanted to SUE ME since I ‘made’ them happen!

  11. gina227 says:

    That doesn’t surprise me one bit. I once worked at a GAS STATION where a fire broke out in the garage. There are fire trucks everywhere, smoke pouring out of the place, large amounts of FLAMMABLE FUEL in the ground, and stupid people honking at the fire trucks to get out of their way so they could pull up to the pumps

  12. AngryBadger says:

    Great stories guys, some of them make me want to go on a shooting rampage though. People are dumb