Nintendo To Solve Wii Strap Break Problem By Selling More Wiis


    “Nintendo’s president acknowledged Thursday the just-launched Wii video-game machine may have a problem with a strap that secures its trademark wandlike remote-controller to the player’s wrist.

    President Satoru Iwata also said Nintendo may raise its sales target for the Wii, which is selling out at retailers since it went on sale in recent weeks in the U.S. and Japan.”

“Ah yes, we have received “unverified reports” of strap breaking. Our solution: sell more Wiis.” *

How low will Iwata bow to consumers after he decides to make stronger straps? We’re putting money on an 80 degree incline, from a sitting position. — BEN POPKEN

Nintendo chief investigating Wii strap problem, may raise sales target [AP]

* This is a completely disingenuous connection, but it’s what kinda pops in your brain when you look at it.

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