What Should Meghann Do With Her Brokeass Woot DVD Player?

After Meghann pitched her woe about getting a Woot!ed DVD player that wouldn’t turn on, we tried to convince her to do ship it back to Toshiba.

Fiery, rubix-cube-on-the-head that she is, Meghann refused. She didn’t see the value in paying shipping to and from California for a new refurbed DVD player that she thought probably wouldn’t work either. She said, “Why sink money into a dvd player that’s so bad it’s on Woot!?”

Unable to disarm her impenetrable logic, we said, okay, let’s ask the fray.

Should Meghann ship the player back to Toshiba? Or should she make a video (set to music) of her smashing it?

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Whichever wins, she will do! — BEN POPKEN


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  1. Joe says:

    I said – whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    again – a slow blog day..

  2. rit says:

    What, no choice for SMASH then SHIP SMASHED PIECES?

  3. William Mize says:


    It’s a phone call. And another blog entry.

  4. First off, Meghann is spelled incorrectly in the title.

    Second off, really I mean haven’t we seen enough people smashing Wii’s and PS3’s and every other piece of consumer electronics…

    Why don’t you do something interesting like BURN it?

  5. For the cost of shipping a DVD player to and from, you could buy another new one. I suggest smash.

    However, how about blowing it up and filming it with a high speed camera, ala Fatboy Slim’s Gangster Trippin’ video

    That or wear a bikini and shoot it with a machine gun… Just sayin’ is all…

  6. aestheticity says:




  7. Plaid Rabbit says:

    Unable to disarm her impenetrable logic

    This is not logic. This is being dumb and acting like she doesn’t help run a blog about doing stuff about stuff like this, for chrissakes.

    For the love of god – you can send this for, like, $15 bucks to Toshiba. The poster in the last post who talked about how the HDMI and cable alone would be a steal at $40 is spot on.

    Honestly, WTF is up with the random Woot! hate? Espeically since the two avenues for fixing this problem have both been, as far as I can see, completely untraveled – she apparently hasn’t contacted either Woot OR Toshiba. For god sakes, just try something before acting like a know-nothing consumer we make fun here! Gah!

  8. crackblind says:

    Have you at least tried to contact Woot? I had a problem with something from them and they simply replaced it. Just a few emails back and forth and all was well (of course once it was working, my kids lost all interest in it).

  9. Xkeeper says:

    Call Toshiba/Woot, if they do nothing, smash it and ship the pieces.

  10. B says:

    Yardapult it. At least you’ll get some fun out of it that way.

  11. Ben Popken says:

    Meghann contacted Woot. They told her to talk to Toshiba.

  12. ckilgore says:

    Toshiba may just ship a new one without even wanting the old one back, or they could pay for the shipping. Who knows? It’s worth a phone call at least.

  13. Hawkins says:

    Smashing it is indeed stupid. I had a problem once with stuff from Woot!, and they were polite and kind and resolved my issue immediately and obediently.

    On the other hand, I’d be happy with a video of Ms. Marco doing pretty much anything she’d like: smashing electronics, reading the phonebook, cleaning grout…

  14. snazz says:

    if the DVD player was on Woot! its probably a discontinued model. if toshiba was going to do anything, they will probably send her the newest model as a replacement. that would be worth the $10 to fedex back to them.

  15. jameslutz says:

    I bought a refurbed DVD player from SONY online, and the remote looked as though it had been run over. I called customer service and they politley sent me a replacement within two days.

  16. Funkquito says:

    I would definatly call toshiba. Its quite possible they might pay for shipping, and send you a box. It can’t hurt, and is shipping really that much?

  17. Pelagius says:

    Smash, then go to WorstBuy and get yourself a cheap-ass Oritron DVD player. I bought one of these last year for $30 and it hasn’t done me wrong yet. Best feature: It is easily hackable for multizone.

  18. RumorsDaily says:

    I voted for smash, because that’s funny, but in reality just call Toshiba and ask for a new model.

    Ben, when she called Woot, did she mention who she worked for? I’d be shocked if these places didn’t fall over themselves trying to make things right for the two of you.

  19. Meg Marco says:

    Ingren, wouldn’t that be cheating?

  20. nweaver says:

    Also, WOOT gave good advice:

    a: Return it and we’ll give you your money back.

    b: Contact the manufacturer and have them honor the warantee. Since its probably a discontinued item, its probaly “free upgrade” to boot.

    Apparently, the cost of a trip to the post office, and the notion that she’d have to pay the postage on a return, was too much for Meghann.

  21. 44 in a Row says:

    Seriously. FedEx Ground or USPS Parcel Post wouldn’t be more than $7. Everything about this was made clear from the beginning, so I just really don’t understand what the real issue is. Does it suck that she got a non-working unit? Absolutely. Is any company (Woot or Toshiba) not living up to their end of the bargain? I’d say they’re doing exactly what they said they would, and it’s not fair to act surprised.

  22. Mr. Gunn says:

    Voted for ship, only because there was no option for “submerge in a bucket of your own tears”.

  23. FLConsumer says:

    Post Office? Who still sends packages through the post office? Granted, it’s a BROKEN DVD player, but at least it’s not a missing DVD player..

  24. FLConsumer says:

    Actually, while we’re on the subject… I just bought a cordless phone from Staples…which happens to have crapped out after 2 days. Should I smash it? [whine]I don’t feel that I should have to drive allll the way down to the store just because it’s broken[/whine]

  25. Joe says:

    Ok – I figured that if Meghann was to lazy to follow-up, I’d do her the favor and do it myself.

    I too – purchased the Tosh DVD player off Woot. Unlike Meghann, I chose to research on various sites for the pros/cons prior to panic buying for a player. In general, the unit gets average ratings, but I was impressed that not only did you get a DVD player that upconverts, it plays Divx, and provides you with an HDMI cable – I figured that $40 was “worth” the risk.

    I received my player Monday. I hadn’t opened it until the bitch fest that was unleashed today.

    And just like she stated – the Woot website warranty disclaimer is that:
    “Unless we specifically tell you not to, call the manufacturer of the product you bought. You will likely get a replacement of a new model or better item from them..”
    “..If we still haven’t dissuaded you, email rma@woot.com with your woot order number..”
    “We will respond with return authorization by the next business day”

    crappy Woot?

    Ok – so she didn’t want to mail it the 5.4 lb box to Cali – so why didn’t you call
    562-946-3531 ? (Refurbished Product Service Center card was on top of the unit as you open the box)
    All they want is the usual receipt, detail of prob, and a call for an rma. The operator stated that her company (NOT affiliated with Toshiba) purchases refurb, 2nd, and discontinued items from various manufacturers, including Toshiba. All items were tested prior to shipment. Although turn around time is 10 days or so – if any product was sent this week – they would do their best to expedite repair – or replacement with a REFURB unit.

    So – now that I did Meghann’s job – Mr. Denton, when can I step to her vacant position?

    now – thats overreacting!!

  26. Joe says:

    GAWD – mah-i spel chek waznt goud!!!

  27. Pelagius says:

    Meghann is better looking than you, Joe. Tough cookies.

  28. Joe says:

    man, I’d hope so…

    speaking of tough cookies – the stale Chips Ahoy you used to be able to buy were the best..

    oh – you mean “Tough cookies”…

  29. desonos says:

    Really, Meghann needs to grow up and call Toshiba, or follow Joe’s suggestion and call the refurb people. Once she’s exhausted her reasonable methods of recourse and gotten none, she can bitch. So far, this is turning out to be the whole Threadless thing all over again.

  30. sporesdeezeez says:

    I think the path for Meghann here is well-lit:

    1) Call Toshiba.
    2) Enter customer service milieu. Escalate as much as getting free shipping or a replacement is worth. If this fails, see Step 3.
    3) Place the DVD player on top of a TV on which you are playing the Wii. Smashing is (apparently) inevitable.

  31. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Meghann, call Toshiba first. If you get to the point where the time you have invested hounding Toshiba exceeds the cost of the item, then smash it. (Or better yet, really screw with somebody’s head by leaving the dead DVD player in the back seat of some stranger’s car).

    Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could drag the thing around with you when you do your Christmas shopping and see how many retailers accuse you of shoplifting. I wonder what would happen when the door-dude at Best Buy accuses you of shoplifting a broken DVD player that they don’t even sell? (

  32. FLConsumer says:

    Hm… or another idea… give it as a Christmas gift to the boss.

  33. Smashville says:

    Dead heat…

    I prefer video…that’d be hot…

  34. MorrowProject says:

    I prefer the smash vote, but can we have a video of Meghann calling Toshiba if that ends up winning?

    Curious to watch the calling method she uses with the CSR.

    Nothing but great experiences with Woot and Winewoot.

  35. Xkeeper says:

    Meghann contacted Woot. They told her to talk to Toshiba.

    Like they said to do on the website! Sigh.

    Someone needs to take their own advice…

  36. Ookseer says:

    If you want to smash it smash it. It’s not a waste of money if you enjoy it. I’ve been so frustrated by technology that I’ve smashed things worth a lot more and got at least that much enjoyment out of it (see my Razr that just needed a new battery.)

  37. rvbert686868 says:

    I ordered 2 of these, and Woot gave me a FEDEX Confirmation number, however they still have not given the DVD players to FEDEX themselves to actually ship.

    FEDEX has responded to my emails with the following : “Our records show that while the shipper has generated a label for this package, it has not been tendered to FedEx for delivery. “

    Woot so far has been unresponsive to my emails. Based on this experience, I would not recommend Woot under the circumstances. I’m giving them a few more days before I file a dispute w/ Visa.

  38. FLConsumer says:

    I guess this is Whine.Woot.

  39. thatoneguy says:

    This is not a personal attack by any means, but as a sufferer of a similar fate, I must comment on the inefficient amount of letters in Meghann’s name. I mean really. Individuality is one thing, but that many extra letters is just plain wasteful. How many extra pieces of paper were wasted in Meghann’s life from having to write all those extra letters on it? Two? Maybe three? Think of the trees, Meghann’s Parents. Think of the trees.