What Should Meghann Do With Her Brokeass Woot DVD Player?

After Meghann pitched her woe about getting a Woot!ed DVD player that wouldn’t turn on, we tried to convince her to do ship it back to Toshiba.

Fiery, rubix-cube-on-the-head that she is, Meghann refused. She didn’t see the value in paying shipping to and from California for a new refurbed DVD player that she thought probably wouldn’t work either. She said, “Why sink money into a dvd player that’s so bad it’s on Woot!?”

Unable to disarm her impenetrable logic, we said, okay, let’s ask the fray.

Should Meghann ship the player back to Toshiba? Or should she make a video (set to music) of her smashing it?

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Whichever wins, she will do! — BEN POPKEN