Walmart Layaway Ends Friday

If you’ve got something on layaway at Walmart, this Friday is your last day to pick it up. Of the major retailers, Kmart still supports layaway.

From the Pittsburgh P-G:

    “Alleda Glanton, 54, of Beltzhoover, shook her head about Wal-Mart’s decision as her daughter-in-law, Arlene Scoggins, 30, of Beltzhoover, put some baby things on layaway at Kmart.

    “They try to push that on you,” she said of the credit option. “But if you don’t want credit, why should you have to get credit? That’s just like everywhere you go, they want you to have another credit card. Working people don’t always have that money to just buy it right out.”

So, while credit cards are “modern”, at Kmart—layaway is here to stay. —MEGHANN MARCO

The layaway will fade away at Wal-Mart as of Friday [Pittsburgh P-G]