Scammed By IDTEnergy, Please Help

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Irina writes:

Irina writes:

    A couple of months ago my 15 year old son opened the door to a man claiming to be a conEd representative. The man convinced him that we could get a much better deal if he signs some papers, never mentioning anything about switching to another power supplier. I now got my bill with $100 in service fees. My question to you is, what can I do about this? I know it is not legit to make a minor sign a contract. Please help me do something about this, $100 is not something I can spare for scammers at this point…

Irina, call up IDT and cancel your contract. Inform them you will not be paying for their services. A contract signed by a 15-year-old is not legally binding. That’s your story, stick to it, and it should be end of story with IDT. After that, call up ConEd and get your electricity delivery switched back to them. — BEN POPKEN

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