Man Who Abandonded Thrifty Rental Car Still Reponsible For Elk Attacks

A man who Thrifty charged $30 a day after he was forced to abandon his rental car in the forest following a washout has gotten a reprieve.

Thrifty dropped the daily fee to $13 until the car is recovered.

Charles Hite will be responsible responsible for damages to the car from sitting for so long and from “being attacked by elk,” said the Peninsula Daily News.

Next time you rent a car, be sure to opt for the elk-insurance. — BEN POPKEN

Bill Mounting For Rental Car Stranded By Washout [KOIN] (Thanks to Mike!)

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  1. I’ve had a crappy experience with Thrifty and their repair policy of cars. I gave up and ended up moving all my renting to Enterprise, including my corporate account.

  2. Also, you should check your insurance carrier’s policy in respect to your insurance with them covering rental cars. In reality they won’t pay out if there is an accident.

    What I was told is that most Insurance policies will not cover events on your rental car if it is not covered by your policy. So if you have a car that does not have collision or comprehensive for example (due to age), and you opt out of car rental insurance, someone keys your rental car, you pay.

  3. RulesLawyer says:

    “most Insurance policies will not cover events on your rental car if it is not covered”


  4. Magister says:

    I am still confused why the car rental place is portrayed as the bad guy here. Some dude rents a car, agrees to pay an amount of money per day that the car is kept away from the rental place. Dude fails to return car, place still wants to get paid. Where is the issue?

  5. Ben Popken says:

    Magister, Mr. Hite was forced to abandon his car when the park rangers made him evacuate the forest following a flash flood. The area is still unaccessible. So, through no fault of his own, he’s stuck paying every day. At least now it’s $13 instead of $30.

  6. redneckinkid1 says:

    fuckin funny

  7. DougDascenzo says:

    ” So, through no fault of his own, he’s stuck paying every day.”

    It’s not Thrifty’s fault either. Who should pay for the car, the park rangers?

  8. acambras says:

    The ELK! The ELK should pay!!!

  9. jimmythefly says:

    Yeah, sucks for the guy! A huge section of forest road was washed out, and the forest service (with an already huge maintenance backlog) is not known for speedy repairs. In fact, there’s another part of the forest I’ve hiked before that has a road section that’s been washed out for around 10 yrs, and the service has basically said they won’t be repairing it ever.

  10. acambras says:

    Seriously, has anyone checked the contract to find out who bears responsibility in case of a natural disaster like this? I imagine it’s either Thrifty, the renter, or, most likely, the insurance company.

    I’m sure that rental companies had cars rented out in New Orleans during Katrina or in NYC on 9/11. I’m not trying to say that this flood/elk situation is the same thing, but all three involve circumstances beyond the renter’s control or the rental company’s control. I wonder what happened in the other two situations.

  11. Triteon says:

    acambras– yes, I did in the original post. According to the rental terms, Mr. Hite is technically responsible for losses– real or perceived– due to acts of nature. I am glad to hear that Thrifty has dropped from $30/day to $20/day and now to $13/day…which still sucks for Mr. Hite though.

  12. max andrews says:

    where on earth did you find that image? LOL

  13. cryrevolution says:

    Okay, so heres my two cents: I work for an insurance agency. I take claims allll day regarding our insured’s in someone else’s vehicle, or a rental vehicle, or calls where they just want to know if they are covered if the vehicle is not on the policy. And, people, YOU ARE COVERED BY YOUR AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE CARRIER. If you have comprehensive and collision under one of your vehicles, and you are in a rental, screw the extra insurance. YOU ARE COVERED. That is the first thing they tell you when training to take auto claims. It is well known amongst insurance agencies, but little known in the customer world. So, I will tell you now…this can be covered under your comprehensive coverage. It’s just like when you get a new vehicle, and the agency is closed for the weekend, or closed for the night. If you get into an accident or a friggin tree falls out of the sky, you are covered. So, make a claim with your auto insurance. Have your carrier go to bat for you with Thrifty. Let them make the ridiculous calls argueing over whether the elk feet marks on the hood are covered or not.

    and thats my input. :)

  14. loraksus says:

    I know it sucks for the rental car company, but really, is the negative PR worth a measly 13 bucks a day?
    This has been on consumerist a few times, in several papers, I think it’s even hit fark once.
    I have to wonder if their marketing department is pulling their hair out….